The Ultimate Planning a Family Reunion Cruise Quiz
by Staff
If you can book eight staterooms, you can qualify for a family reunion group discount. Have fun with your family and cruise at the same time. Take this quiz to learn more about how to plan a family reunion cruise.

Where are many reunions held?

  • home
  • restaurant
  • hotel

What may be a problem when having a family reunion in a home?

  • limit the size of the gathering
  • expensive
  • difficult to organize

Where can you host a family reunion, provide accommodations, meals and activities all for one price?

  • vacation cruise
  • Disney World Resort
  • European tour

What is the shortest cruise available from an American port?

  • Carnival Cruise to Nowhere
  • Discovery Cruise to the Bahamas
  • Royal Caribbean Mexican Riviera Cruise

What won't you find in an interior stateroom?

  • shower
  • toilet
  • window

What is the largest stateroom on a cruise?

  • ocean view
  • balcony
  • suite

Are there any discounts for family reunions?

  • There is a discount for four staterooms sailing together.
  • There is a discount for six staterooms sailing together.
  • There is a discount for eight staterooms sailing together.

How do you get a group price?

  • contact each cruise ship line
  • use a travel agent
  • both answers

What special group activity or discount may be available for your reunion group?

  • private dinners
  • discount on the excursions
  • both answers

How far ahead should you start planning a reunion cruise?

  • two months
  • six months
  • one year

What is an easy way to stay in touch with family members about all the reunion details?

  • Web site
  • social network
  • both answers

What documentation is important for family members to have while on a cruise?

  • passport
  • proof of health insurance
  • medical release form

What is not included in the price of the cruise?

  • meals
  • entertainment
  • alcoholic beverages

What should determine the boarding port?

  • exotic location
  • central location
  • nightlife in the area

What are some special features offered on select cruise ships that your family may enjoy?

  • ice skating rink
  • rock-climbing wall
  • both answers

Do cruise vacations have a refund?

  • no refund
  • with 30 day notice
  • with 60 day notice

What kind of accommodations are there for those with disabilities?

  • wheelchair accessible
  • not wheelchair accessible
  • neither answer

What adult activities may be available on-board?

  • gambling
  • kids' programs
  • pool games

On a cruise, what type of medical services are available in the case of an emergency?

  • doctor on board
  • no doctor on board
  • no medical equipment on board

What should family members who are prone to seasickness do?

  • anti-seasickness wrist band
  • scopolamine patch
  • both answers