The Ultimate Plasma Screen Cleaning Quiz
by Staff
Plasma televisions have, to a large degree, replaced the older cathode ray tube (CRT) versions. While they are an impressive part of your home décor, they do need basic care. Whether you have a CRT or a flat computer screen, take this quiz and find what you need to know about screen care.

What is the most impressive feature of a big plasma television?

  • elegant frame
  • flatness of the screen
  • big, bright, crisp display

If your neighbor's older screen is clearer than yours, what is the probable reason?

  • accumulated dust
  • different manufacturers
  • faulty tubes

What is one way to keep little fingers from smudging your screen?

  • Add a special protective transparent sheet.
  • Post a warning below the screen.
  • Mount it out of reach.

Should you clean your plasma screen with window cleaner and a paper towel?

  • Yes, glass is glass.
  • Definitely do not.
  • Newspaper is better.

What could result from not cleaning the screen according to the manufacturer's instructions?

  • violation of the warranty
  • unclean screen
  • increased electricity consumption

What do manufacturers recommend to use to wipe plasma screens?

  • recycled paper
  • cotton gloves
  • microfiber cloth

Is spraying a small amount of alcohol on the screen and carefully wiping with a microfiber cloth the correct way to clean the screen?

  • Place alcohol on the cloth.
  • Volatile solvents can damage the screen.
  • Use benzene instead.

If you see a section on "image cleaner" in the user manual, what is being discussed?

  • function to clear "stuck" images
  • a way to saturate colors
  • a form of censorship

How can you help prevent image burn?

  • Reduce the contrast level.
  • Use image cleaners frequently.
  • Watch less television.

When does image burn usually occur?

  • This always happens when there is a lot of static electricity.
  • This is a phenomenon that is related to moisture in the air.
  • This usually occurs during the first 100 hours of operation.