The Ultimate Awesome Playgrounds Quiz
by Staff
Amazing and unique playgrounds surpass the basics of slides, swings and see-saws. There are several parks across the United States that have developed a reputation for their original design. Take this quiz and learn about the best playgrounds in America.

Kids who have a playground in their neighborhood are ____ less likely to be overweight compared to kids who don't have a playground in their neighborhood.

  • three times
  • four times
  • five times

The Imagination Playground by David Rockwell includes:

  • unique swings and slides
  • unique play structures
  • foam, blocks, water and sand

Imaginative play helps promote a child's:

  • fine motor skills
  • cognitive skills
  • both of the above

What is included in the San Francisco Yerba Buena Rooftop Playground?

  • a huge tube slide
  • sand and water elements
  • both of the above

What is an advantage of the Clemyjontri Park in Virginia?

  • It is accessible for disabled children.
  • It meets an array of safety standards.
  • both of the above

Besides open spaces, how else does the Clemyjontri Park cater to children with special needs?

  • It has special structures for children with sensitivity issues.
  • It has toys for children with language difficulties.
  • both of the above

What is a unique feature of the Powell Barnett Park in Seattle, Washington?

  • the bathrooms
  • the grass
  • the pathways

What do children do at the Adventure Playground in Berkeley, California?

  • Children pretend to be carpenters.
  • Children pretend to be doctors.
  • Children pretend to be truck drivers.

Where is one of America's oldest, and still maintained, playgrounds located?

  • New York City
  • Boston
  • San Francisco

What is a unique feature of the East Dock Playground in Bayfield, Wisconsin?

  • the mountain
  • the view
  • the grass

Kellogg Park in New Orleans, Louisiana is the first park in America to:

  • incorporate computer games into a park
  • use environmental friendly structures
  • both of the above

Teardrop Park in New York is a necessity because:

  • it provides an oasis
  • it offers much needed play structures
  • both of the above

The Finan Family Playground in Nashville, Tennessee caters to:

  • children between the ages of three and five
  • children with limited mobility
  • both of the above

In addition to the classics, what else does the imPOSSIBLE DREAM Playground feature?

  • miniature golf
  • train station
  • both of the above

Children who enjoy _______ should visit the Junior League of Seattle Playground.

  • running
  • jumping
  • climbing

What animal can you try scaling at the Kamakana Playground in Hawaii?

  • a tiger
  • a whale
  • an elephant

What important skill does the Alexander W. Kemp Playground promote?

  • imagination
  • running
  • social skills

High Line Park used to be:

  • a reservoir
  • an elevated train line
  • a dump site

In addition to being a park, the High Line Park is also a:

  • fruit and vegetable garden
  • a classroom
  • both of the above

La Laguna Playground, in California, also goes by the name:

  • Monster Park
  • Dinosaur Park
  • both of the above