Pluto: Pariah, Planet or Just Pretty Cool?
by Staff
One minute it's a planet, the next minute it isn't. Are you up-to-date on planetary pop culture? Take this quiz and find out!

Which of these is NOT an argument for why Pluto is not a planet?

  • It's an asteroid that visited the solar system, never left and took up residence in orbit of the sun.
  • It's actually a moon that escaped the planet Jupiter's orbit.
  • It doesn't have its own moon.

How many years did it take NASA's New Horizons spacecraft to reach Pluto for its first-ever photo shoot?

  • One year
  • 9 years
  • 20 years

What common Earthly object is roughly the same size as the New Horizons spacecraft?

  • a school bus
  • a baby grand piano
  • a refrigerator

True or false: Gravity exists on Pluto.

  • true
  • false
  • Data so far is inconclusive.

Whose ashes were included in the New Horizon mission?

  • Neil Armstrong
  • Clyde W. Tombaugh
  • Carl Sagan

True or false: Pluto and its moons are all by their lonesomes at the end of the Milky Way.

  • True: Their closest neighbor is Neptune.
  • False: Many other icy bodies are nearby.
  • Neither true nor false. Pluto is constantly moving.

What might Pluto be hiding beneath its icy surface?

  • an ocean
  • long-collapsed mountain ranges
  • a gaseous core

What discovery caused astronomers to rethink Pluto's planetary status?

  • It started drifting ever so slightly out of the sun's orbit.
  • Its moon is so similar in size to Pluto that experts began to doubt what was orbiting what.
  • Numerous other similar-sized dwarf planets and bodies were discovered in the Kuiper Belt.

How many Earth years does it take for Pluto to orbit the sun?

  • 248
  • 312
  • 574

True or false: Pluto isn't always the most distant from the sun of the nine traditional planets.

  • true
  • false
  • We haven't been studying the planets long enough to know.