The Ultimate Poaching Quiz
by Staff
The poaching of fish, wild animals and even plants is a problem for countries all around the world. Before you hunt, check into your state's laws to ensure your hunting is legal. Take this quiz to learn more about the practice of poaching.

What is poaching?

  • illegal activity
  • removal of fish, wild animals and plants
  • both answers

When were laws first enacted to stop poaching?

  • Roman Empire
  • Middle Ages
  • Renaissance

If convicted of poaching, what is the maximum penalty?

  • prison
  • fine
  • misdemeanor

To what organization should poaching be reported to?

  • police
  • sheriff
  • both answers

During the late Middle Ages, hunting was reserved for what class of society?

  • landowners
  • nobility
  • both answers

Who may enjoy the resources of non-private land today?

  • public
  • government
  • wealthy people

When were traps and spring guns that were used to maim or kill poachers made illegal?

  • 1820s
  • 1830s
  • 1930s

When were peasants allowed to snare small animals on their own land?

  • 1883
  • 1893
  • 1939

Today, who are many of the poachers?

  • criminals
  • poor people
  • both answers

What is poached in North America?

  • ginseng plant
  • tilapia
  • cats

What African animal is poached for its valuable tusks?

  • African elephant
  • wild boar
  • warthog

What was the punishment for poaching deer in the 1500s?

  • hard work
  • monetary fine
  • death

Poaching laws are determined by the:

  • counties
  • individual states
  • federal government

What state may impose jail time for poaching?

  • Pennsylvania
  • West Virginia
  • both answers

In Canada, what type of animal is likely to be poached?

  • fish
  • plants
  • both answers

In Canada, who can be punished for poaching?

  • poacher
  • purchaser of poached items
  • both answers

What animal has valuable body parts?

  • Asian bears
  • wild boar
  • grizzly bear

How many nations signed a treaty to regulate trade of threatened plants and animals?

  • 126
  • 142
  • 154

Trade is banned for how many species of plants and animals?

  • 650
  • 800
  • 1,200

When trade of a species is banned, what happens to its value?

  • decreases
  • stays the same
  • increases