The Ultimate Podcast Quiz
by Staff
Whether they're binge-listening to a series to catch up or anticipating a new episode, people all over the world are hooked on podcasts. Are you all ears? See how much you know about the aural medium by taking this quiz.

With which devices are podcast programs compatible?

  • iPods
  • Android smartphones
  • both

According to a study by Westwood One, podcasters listen to audio how much more than the average American?

  • 23 percent
  • 45 percent
  • 55 percent

What is one of the defining traits of podcasts?

  • They provide breaking news.
  • They are episodic.
  • They are live streams.

With what sort of device do most people listen to podcasts?

  • laptop computers
  • desktop computers
  • mobile devices

What does podcatcher software do?

  • sorts all of your podcasts by category
  • finds and downloads podcasts automatically
  • optimizes podcasts for portable devices

Which podcast was the fastest to reach 5 million downloads or streams on iTunes?

  • "Serial"
  • "This American Life"
  • "TED Radio Hour"

The first season of "Serial" covered which topic?

  • a 1999 murder
  • a 2001 robbery
  • a 1989 kidnapping

An enhanced podcast often has what characteristic?

  • secret links
  • images synced to the audio
  • large video files

Which podcaster holds the record for the most downloaded program?

  • Ricky Gervais
  • Adam Curry
  • Adam Carolla

The Adam Carolla Show set a record for the most downloads from 2009 to 2011. How many times was the show downloaded?

  • 59 million
  • 29 million
  • 11 million

Which celebrity started the "Daily Source Code" podcast?

  • Adam Curry
  • Chris Hardwick
  • Anna David

The podcast "Serial" has been downloaded at least how many times?

  • 17 million
  • 44 million
  • 97 million

Podcasting was named after Apple's first iPod, which was released in what year?

  • 2000
  • 2002
  • 2004

About how many Americans listen to podcasts each month according to Edison Research?

  • about 90 million
  • about 70 million
  • about 45 million

Who is credited with being the first to use the term "podcasting"?

  • Dan Klass
  • Ben Hammersley
  • Dave Winer

In what file format are most podcasts created?

  • MP3
  • M4A
  • Ogg

Which U.S. president was the first to use the podcast format for weekly radio addresses?

  • President Barack Obama
  • President George W. Bush
  • President Bill Clinton

What year was the first podcast released?

  • 2000
  • 2003
  • 2005

How does RSS technology facilitate podcasts?

  • It allows you to add comments to podcast episodes.
  • It compresses audio and video files.
  • It helps automate podcast delivery.

A company named Personal Audio claimed to invent what?

  • episodic audio
  • podcasting
  • RSS feed technology

Who was the host of the very first podcast?

  • Christopher Lydon
  • Ari Shapiro
  • Dawn Miceli

What percentage of the population has listened to at least one podcast, according to the Pew Research Center?

  • 13 percent
  • 29 percent
  • 45 percent

Why did Apple issue cease-and-desist orders to many podcast developers?

  • They were using the Apple logo to promote their broadcasts.
  • They were using the term "pod."
  • They were using file formats incompatible with iTunes.

Which year did Apple release a version of iTunes with built-in support for podcasts?

  • 2005
  • 2007
  • 2009

Compared to radio broadcasting, podcasting requires how much equipment?

  • more equipment
  • less equipment
  • about the same amount of equipment

What challenge has likely prevented podcasts from becoming more popular?

  • podcasts are hard to find online
  • podcast file formats are too varied
  • Apple stifles the medium

What was the first video podcast?

  • "The Joe Rogan Experience"
  • "Dead End Days"
  • "Cordkillers"

According to a Westwood One study, what's the median age for podcast listeners?

  • 25 years old
  • 30 years old
  • 35 years old

Which technological advancement heavily contributed to the spread of podcasts?

  • high-speed Ethernet cables
  • faster modems
  • broadband Internet

To what does the term "podsafe" refer?

  • music that can be used on podcasts without burdensome licensing agreements
  • podcast files that have been scanned for viruses
  • material that is acceptable for children