How much do you know about polyamory?
by Staff
Is it really possible to love more than one person? People who practice polyamory think so. Find out how much you know about relationships that break the monogamy barrier.

What is polyamory?

  • Having multiple romantic relationships without your partner's knowledge and consent
  • Having multiple romantic relationships with your partner's knowledge and consent
  • Having multiple random sexual encounters with or without your partner's knowledge

How does polyamory differ from swinging?

  • It doesn't, really. The word polyamory just sounds nicer and doesn't have the same stigma as swinging.
  • Polyamory is more about emotional relationships rather than recreational sex.
  • Polyamory requires that you notify your partner about your intentions, whereas swinging requires secrecy.

Wait, multiple romantic relationships? Don't people get jealous when their significant other falls in love with someone else?

  • Yes, but they find ways to work through it.
  • No, most polyamorists claim to never feel jealousy.
  • Sometimes, but they probably won't admit it, because jealousy is a sign of weakness in the polyamory community.

Isn't this just cheating with a fancy name?

  • Nope, polyamorists believe that cheating implies dishonesty and sneaking around, and they remain upfront about what they're doing and with whom.
  • Yes, studies indicate that polyamorists are sex addicts that can't handle monogamy.
  • Maybe, but I'm not going to question it as long as I can get what I want.

What is the typical polyamorous set-up?

  • A married couple in which both the man and the woman have other secondary relationships
  • A quad, in which two couples swap partners for companionship and sex
  • There is no typical polyamorous set-up.

What author wrote extensively about polyamory in his books, bringing the idea of group marriage to the mainstream?

  • Isaac Asimov
  • Ray Bradbury
  • Robert Heinlein

What is the polyamory mantra?

  • When in doubt, hug it out.
  • Communicate, communicate, communicate.
  • Quantity, not quality

What is compersion?

  • A word used by polyamorists to describe a particular kind of sexual jealousy
  • A word used by polyamorists to describe overcoming jealousy and feeling satisfaction that another person has made your partner happy
  • A word used by polyamorists to describe a housing situation in which four or more people live together

Which community does polyamory most closely resemble?

  • Mormon fundamentalist polygamy
  • Oneida commune from the 1840s
  • Reverend Sun Myung Moon's Unification Church

A potential new boyfriend presents you -- a polyamorous female -- a spreadsheet of all his past sexual partners, including descriptions of sexual acts performed and whether condoms were used. What is your reaction?

  • Disgust. You don't want to know all these things about a potential new partner's past.
  • Concern. Could this person ever truly care for you when he's been with so many people in the past?
  • Happiness. You expect such a spreadsheet from all of your potential partners, so now that you have this information, the relationship can move forward.

What is hierarchal polyamory?

  • Having one main partner who receives the majority of your time and attention, combined with other partners who receive less time and attention
  • A couple in which one person is polyamorous and the other is monogamous
  • A group marriage in which the bonds between all partners is relatively equal

What do most polyamorists say takes up a good deal of their time?

  • Defending their lifestyle to family and friends
  • Scheduling activities and time with their partners
  • Cooking dinner for so many people

What is a vee?

  • A description of a set of relationships
  • A complicated sexual position practiced by many polyamorists
  • An underground social club where polyamorists meet each other

Why is the case of April Divilbiss important to polyamorists?

  • The case involved the legality of marrying multiple people.
  • The case involved how assets must be divided when a polyamorous family splits up.
  • The case involved the custody of a child belonging to a polyamorous mother.

Does having parents who practice polyamory harm children?

  • Yes, children of polyamorous parents are less secure about their living situation.
  • No, children of polyamorous parents are too busy with their own lives to notice what their parents do.
  • There is no definitive research about the long-term effects of polyamory on children.

If a polyamorist is talking about "spice," what is he or she most likely talking about?

  • The romantic energy he or she receives from dating multiple people
  • His or her spouses
  • Cooking ingredients that add flavor to food

What happens if you don't like one of your partner's new romantic interests?

  • You'll probably have to break up with the partner.
  • You should ignore the feeling and pretend to be happy for your partner.
  • If you really don't think you can get along with the person, you can exercise veto power over the relationship.

Why is a parrot one of the symbols for polyamory?

  • Parrots are well-known in the bird world for shunning monogamy and forming multiple-pair bonds.
  • A well-known ancient polyamorous tribe kept and sold parrots to earn a living.
  • Polyamory is often shortened to "poly," and Polly is a popular name for a parrot.

Do polyamorous people get married?

  • No, they see marriage as an outdated institution.
  • Yes, they may get married.
  • Yes, but they have to break the law to do so.

Would polyamory work for everyone?

  • Yes, monogamy is unnatural and we would be better off adopting polyamory as a norm.
  • Probably not. It works well for some people and it doesn't work well for others.
  • No. It doesn't even work for the people who claim to practice polyamory now -- they're just fooling themselves.