Oooh, Can I Bring Dessert?: The Ultimate Potluck Quiz
by Staff
A potluck can be an easy, inexpensive way of entertaining. How much do you know about potlucks?

What did "potluck" originally mean?

  • The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow
  • Being lucky enough to have a cooking pot
  • Arriving unannounced and taking one's chances on what's for dinner

What does "potluck" usually mean today?

  • A meal to which guests contribute a dish to share
  • A dinner held progressively at several locations
  • A dinner party in honor of St. Patrick's Day

What's an occasion often associated with potluck meals?

  • Wedding rehearsal dinners
  • Church gatherings
  • White House state dinners

What's a common synonym for a potluck dinner?

  • "Only for the brave" dinner
  • Covered dish dinner
  • Potpourri dinner

Other than a food dish, what's one thing a guest should bring to a potluck?

  • A serving utensil
  • A dishpan
  • Antacid

What's appropriate attire at a potluck?

  • Black tie
  • Retro 1950s clothes
  • Informal attire

What should guests do when leaving a potluck?

  • Take home leftovers of the dishes they liked best
  • Take their own leftovers and dishes
  • Say thanks and leave

What quantity of food should you take to a potluck?

  • Enough to feed everyone present
  • Enough for your own family
  • The normal amount your recipe yields

What should a potluck invitation include?

  • Clear information that guests should bring a good dish
  • A request for money
  • Reasons why you can't feed everyone yourself

What's a good way to ensure variety at your potluck?

  • Make a dish of every type yourself
  • Assign guests categories such as salad, bread or dessert
  • Cross your fingers

Who is responsible for dishes, condiments, drinks, etc?

  • Just hope people bring them as their contribution
  • Unless you delegate them, the host of the party
  • Anyone who chooses not to cook

What is an appropriate occasion for a potluck?

  • A holiday gathering
  • A birthday party
  • All of the above

When should you prepare your dish for a potluck?

  • In advance
  • Take ingredients to the party and prepare there
  • Just bring the ingredients and let somebody else put them together

If attending a potluck, do you need to bring food?

  • No, there will probably be plenty anyway
  • Yes, or offer to buy drinks or other necessities
  • Yes, or do not attend

Is it OK to buy food to take to a potluck?

  • It is OK to buy food unless the potluck is clearly billed as a sampling of guests' cooking.
  • No. Never.
  • Not unless you want to be labeled as someone who cannot cook

What can the host do to make sure there's plenty of food?

  • Pressure guests to bring extra dishes
  • Provide an ample amount of a main dish such as a meat
  • Don't invite so many people

How does a potluck compare in cost to a sit-down dinner or catered buffet?

  • A potluck doesn't really save much money because you have so much to do
  • A potluck is just as expensive as any dinner party; you just don't have to do as much work
  • A potluck is an economical way to throw a dinner party without spending much money

What does the host need to do during a potluck?

  • Serve everyone
  • Relax, eat and socialize
  • Monitor which dishes are most popular

Is it important to have a balanced diet at a potluck?

  • No, a potluck is an infrequent, fun occasion
  • Yes, it's vital to cover all the food groups
  • Ideally, so the host should insist that everyone eat fruits and vegetables

What's important to remember about the serving dish you take to a potluck?

  • Make sure it's your finest china
  • Remind people not to take it home by mistake
  • Put your name on it somewhere