The Ultimate Prefab House Quiz
by Staff
Prefabricated homes may be the new trend for residential housing. Upscale models are changing the stigma attached to prefab designs. Take this quiz to see how much you know about prefab homes.

What are prefabricated homes?

  • manufactured homes
  • modular homes
  • both answers

When is a manufactured home considered real estate?

  • when mounted on a permanent foundation
  • when manufacture is complete
  • neither answer

How do modular homes differ from manufactured homes?

  • use more expensive materials
  • more square footage
  • both answers

What is another name for homes constructed on site?

  • stick-built
  • site-built
  • both answers

What type of frame construction is used for modular homes?

  • wood beams
  • steel posts
  • both answers

Where are the walls of panelized homes constructed?

  • at the factory
  • on site
  • neither answer

How would you describe a precut home?

  • like a puzzle
  • like a maze
  • like a LEGO toy kit

What is a criticism of modern prefab construction?

  • too costly
  • poor design
  • too much time to build

Rocio Romero is known for what?

  • architect
  • engineer
  • interior decorator

Compared to stick-built homes, how may prefab homes save on costs?

  • uniform construction
  • bulk purchase of materials
  • both answers

Why is prefab home construction more timely?

  • no weather delays
  • dependable carpenters
  • availability of materials

What is a big cash expense of a prefab home?

  • lot cost
  • electrical installation
  • roofing materials

Why is financing for a manufactured home difficult to secure?

  • not considered real estate
  • fast depreciation
  • both answers

Compared to a manufactured home, is financing for a modular home difficult to secure?

  • less difficult
  • same as a manufactured home
  • more difficult

What is assembled first in prefab home construction?

  • floors
  • wall panels
  • electrical installation

What is the width of a prefab home?

  • 12 feet (3.7m)
  • 16 feet
  • 20 feet

What must be prepared before the prefab home arrives at the site?

  • land excavated
  • foundation prepared
  • both answers

How is the prefab home moved onto the foundation?

  • tractor
  • crane
  • many strong workers

What popular Swedish company is making prefab homes?

  • Swedish East India Company
  • IKEA
  • Swedish Telecom

Which popular car maker has expanded into the prefab market?

  • BMW
  • Ford
  • Toyota