Quiz: Pregnancy Myths
by Staff
For whatever reason, pregnancy has fueled a huge number of myths over the years. So much so that it's easy to imagine pregnancy is all these so-called "old wives" had time to talk about!

Should you avoid changing the cat litter when you're pregnant?

  • Only in your last trimester
  • Yes. Avoid the family cat, too.
  • You can change the litter, but wear gloves.
  • Yes, but the risk is probably pretty small.

Should pregnant women avoid carrying anything heavy?

  • Yes. Avoid carrying anything weighing more than 25 pounds.
  • No. Weight-bearing exercise builds strength and endurance.
  • Yes, but only in the last month or two of pregnancy.

Should a pregnant woman stop eating fish?

  • No. Fish contain many important nutrients.
  • Yes. Fish contains high concentrations of mercury and other chemicals
  • It depends. Eating some fish may have benefits that outweigh the risks.

Is carrying the baby low an indication that it will be a boy?

  • Yes. Everyone knows that.
  • No. Gender has nothing to do with it.
  • Sometimes. If the baby is large, it may be carried lower, and boys are often larger at birth.

Should a woman gain between 25 and 35 pounds during pregnancy?

  • Yes. A weight gain of 25 pounds is considered the normal.
  • No. Although the average amount of weight gain during pregnancy has increased in the United States over the last decade, 25 pounds is considered too much.
  • There's no standard weight index for pregnancy. It's a matter each woman should discuss with her doctor.

Is it easier to get pregnant the second time?

  • Only if your first baby wasn't premature.
  • Yes. You're more likely to get pregnant faster the second time around.
  • Yes. Especially during the summer months.
  • No. Your chances are the same whether you've had children or not.

If your male partner has brothers, are you more likely to have a boy?

  • Yes. Lots of boys means a genetic disposition to have male children.
  • No. Gender selection is usually pretty random.
  • Maybe. If there are lots of brothers on both sides of the family, it could mean you're more likely to have a male child.

Are people becoming less fertile?

  • Yes. In developing countries low fertility is a growing problem.
  • No. There's no reason to believe people are becoming less fertile.
  • Maybe. There are currently studies underway evaluating the issue.

Does sexual position influence gender?

  • Yes. Sex in the missionary position is more likely to result in having a girl.
  • Yes. Sex in the missionary position is more likely to result in having a boy.
  • Yes. Sex in the missionary position is more likely to result in having twins.
  • No. Different sexual positions have no impact on a baby's gender.

Should pregnant women avoid hot baths?

  • Kind of. Bathing in water warmer than 98 degrees F can be harmful.
  • Yes. Bathing is less healthy for the fetus than showering.
  • No. In fact, hot baths are relaxing and can reduce muscle and joint pain.