The Ultimate Prenuptial Agreements Quiz
by Staff
Marriage is a beautiful institution, but divorce is on the rise, and life is unpredictable. For some, the risk of years of legal wrangling over assets during divorce proceedings is simply not worth taking. This is where prenuptial agreements come in.

What was the divorce rate in the late 1800s?

  • less than 5 percent
  • around 10 percent
  • nearly 20 percent

What percentage of marriages end in divorce?

  • 20 percent
  • 40 percent
  • 60 percent

What is the function of a prenuptial agreement (prenup)?

  • A prenup is used to settle potential divorce disputes before the marriage takes place.
  • A prenup guarantees that neither party will ever file for divorce.
  • A prenup is a contract that determines how much money the wedding is allowed to cost.

Who decides the details of a prenup?

  • The details of a prenup are determined by the couple.
  • The details of a prenup are set by the Federal Government.
  • The details of a prenup are determined by the official who conducts the marriage ceremony.

In the absence of a prenup, who will likely determine the financial details of a divorce?

  • the Federal Government
  • a state court
  • a divorce attorney

Who is eligible for a prenup?

  • Prenups are only available to couples whose joint assets exceed $100,000.
  • Prenups are only available to people who have already been divorced once.
  • Prenups are available to anyone who is getting married.

Which of these is typically addressed in a prenup?

  • alimony
  • custody
  • happiness

Why are custody issues usually not addressed in a prenuptial agreement?

  • Children always go to the mother.
  • Children decide where they will go.
  • Children's interests are considered a public policy issue to be settled by the courts.

Historians believe prenups where first used in which of these civilizations?

  • ancient Egypt
  • ancient Israel
  • ancient Greece

Which of these can nullify a prenup?

  • relocation
  • failure to disclose
  • true love

What type of attorney should advise you regarding a prenup?

  • a defense attorney
  • a constitutional scholar
  • a marriage and family law attorney

Which of these statements best describes community property states?

  • A community property state considers all properties acquired during marriage to be equally owned.
  • A community property state claims all assets upon the dissolution of a marriage.
  • A community property state requires that all assets be divided 60/40 in favor of the wife.

Which of these conditions is usually required for a prenup to be considered valid?

  • The prenup must be notarized.
  • The prenup must be drawn up on legal-sized paper
  • The prenup must be written in English.

Which of these international organizations authorizes certain foreign prenups?

  • the United Nations
  • the Hague
  • the European Union

Which of these countries does not usually recognize prenups?

  • Austria
  • Brazil
  • England