The Ultimate Preventing a Home Invasion Quiz
by Staff
Sometimes you might feel like your home is a sitting duck, waiting for the inevitable burglary to happen to you. But with some wise forethought and action, you can take matters in hand and protect your home from invasion. Take this quiz and learn more about how to do it.

Of all the burglaries committed in the United States in 2006, how many were "no-force entries"?

  • less than 10%
  • more than 25%
  • almost 50%

What type of burglaries constitutes the majority of those committed?

  • residential burglaries
  • office burglaries
  • bank burglaries

Before you begin to make your house burglar-proof, what is the first step to do?

  • think like a burglar and "case the joint"
  • call 911 for advice
  • make a list of your belongings

Your front door should have at least one deadlock, with a minimum one-inch "throw." What does this mean?

  • The deadbolt key should have a full inch of metal inserted into the lock.
  • The thickness of the door where the deadlock is located should be one-inch thick.
  • The bolt should project one inch into the frame.

Should every home have a double cylinder lock?

  • Yes, it is essential for every home.
  • Yes, only if the law where you live requires it.
  • Yes, unless it is against the law where you live.

What should the ideal burglar-proof door frame be made of?

  • wood
  • steel
  • aluminum

How can you secure sliding doors and windows?

  • by putting putty on the inside track
  • by putting a length of wood on the inside track
  • by putting caulking around them

What is the burglary prevention method recommended by the National Neighborhood Watch Association?

  • deter, detect, delay
  • stall, survey, seal
  • perceive, protect, postpone

Which of these are useful ways to deter burglar entry?

  • signs about an alarm system and closing curtains to prevent people seeing what's inside
  • good locks and giving the impression that someone's home
  • both of the above

How can you give the impression that someone is home?

  • call home regularly to have the phone ring
  • leave your TV or radio on
  • install a recording of footsteps that plays when you're out

If a professional burglar comes by, is your barking dog good for deterrence or detection?

  • deterrence and detection
  • deterrence
  • detection

Why won't a noisy alarm stop a burglar from entering?

  • because he can get in anyway
  • because it's never noisy enough to be effective
  • because he'll always find a way to immobilize it

What lights can you install outside your home for deterrence purposes?

  • landscape lights
  • motion-sensitive flood lights
  • halogen lights

What does having trimmed bushes and shrubs have to do with deterring burglars?

  • It doesn't.
  • They will have less cover to hide in.
  • They will see that you keep your home maintained regularly.

Why does the act of "delay" give you a better chance of burglar-proofing?

  • because a burglar that has to spend time breaking in might give up and move on
  • because it gives you more time to call the police
  • because you have more likelihood of walking in on the burglar and stopping him