Preventing Shaving Rash Quiz
by Staff
Shaving rash, also known as shaving bumps, can be a pesky problem. Learn how to prevent shaving rash with our quiz.

What's another term for shaving rash?

  • shaving bumps
  • mask rash
  • facial rash

Which common skin condition is often mistaken for shaving rash?

  • acne
  • eczema
  • razor burn

What is the primary cause of shaving rash?

  • sun exposure
  • ingrown hairs
  • The cause is unknown.

To help prevent shaving rash, what's a good thing to do before shaving?

  • Take a warm shower.
  • Take a cold shower.
  • Make sure your skin is completely dry

What is another advantage of using warm water when shaving?

  • It makes hairs stand up.
  • It makes hair regrow more slowly.
  • There is no other advantage.

Which direction should you shave your hair to help prevent shaving rash?

  • against the grain
  • with the grain
  • shaving direction doesn't matter

What popular style of shaving can make you more susceptible to rash?

  • close shaving
  • shaving with an electric razor
  • scissor shaving

Which type of razor are you more likely to cut yourself with?

  • a dull razor
  • a sharp razor
  • Dull and sharp razors are equally likely to produce cuts.

What is a great way to correct shaving rash that doesn't involve razors?

  • meditation
  • massage
  • going without shaving

If shaving rash is not prevented or treated, what can occur?

  • an infection
  • permanent scarring
  • nothing will occur