The Ultimate Prohibited Pet Travel Quiz
by Staff
You may want to do your homework before leaving on a trip with man's best friend. Take this quiz to find out what you need to know about prohibited pet travel.

What medical information may be important to have when traveling with a pet?

  • list of medications
  • medical history
  • both answers

What may affect how well your pet travels?

  • age
  • temperament
  • both answers

Why may you want to include a picture of your pet with your travel documents?

  • identification
  • to place on the nightstand
  • both answers

What numbers may you want to include with your travel documents?

  • veterinarian's telephone number
  • pet's tag number
  • both answer

What preparations should you make to take your pet overseas?

  • check quarantine lengths
  • check for restrictions
  • both answers

What pets will Amtrak permit to travel?

  • pet dogs
  • pet cats
  • service animals

What may happen if your service animal misbehaves on an Amtrak train?

  • turn animal over to animal control
  • call the police
  • put you and your animal off the train

When traveling by air, how are pets defined?

  • luggage
  • passengers
  • cargo

What does pet insurance cover?

  • major medical treatments list in the policy
  • all medical expenses
  • only surgery

Why may pet lovers prefer cruising on the Cunard line of ships?

  • onboard kennel available
  • pets may stay in ship cabins
  • neither answer

What service may your pet receive on a Cunard cruise?

  • bed, food, water and care
  • spend time with owner
  • both answers

What records may be needed to cross state lines with a pet?

  • proof of rabies vaccine
  • recent health certificate
  • both answers

Who monitors animal and plant transportation within the U.S.?

  • U.S. Department of Agriculture
  • Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
  • animal control

Who set up the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service?

  • U.S. Department of Agriculture
  • People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
  • U.S. Department of Consumer Services

How may you control your dog from taking a bite out of another passenger when travelling?

  • muzzle
  • leash
  • halter