Zed's Dead, Baby: The 'Pulp Fiction' Quiz
by Staff
There's a gangster with a vendetta, a couple of hit men out on the town, a briefcase full of mystery, a boxer who needs to take a fall and a potent Bible verse. Take this quiz to find out how much you know about "Pulp Fiction."

If I call you Pumpkin, you should respond by calling me …

  • Starchild
  • Honey Bunny
  • Sweetie

What can you buy in a movie theater in Amsterdam?

  • a gun
  • heroin
  • a beer

What do they call a Quarter Pounder in Paris?

  • Royale with cheese
  • La Grande
  • .25 Kilo

Why did Marsellus Wallace throw a man off his fourth story balcony?

  • because the man gave Wallace's wife a foot massage
  • because the man had sex with Wallace's wife
  • because the man supplied Wallace's wife with drugs

Where did Brett and his friends get their cheeseburgers?

  • White Castle
  • McDonald's
  • Big Kahuna Burger

What does Brett say about seven times when Jules asks him what Wallace looks like?

  • "Help!"
  • "Who?"
  • "What?"

What is Jules' favorite Bible verse?

  • Judges 3:21
  • Kings 2:23
  • Ezekiel 25:17

What is Wallace's wife's first name?

  • Geraldine
  • Mia
  • Lucille

Why does Vincent visit the drug dealer Lance?

  • to buy drugs for himself
  • to visit the sister of Lance's girlfriend
  • to collect some money Lance owes him

What song is playing when Vincent arrives to pick up Mia?

  • "Son of a Preacher Man"
  • "Rumble"
  • "Stuck in the Middle with You"

What's the name of the restaurant where Mia and Vincent have dinner?

  • Forever '50s
  • Jack Rabbit Slim's
  • Buddy Holly's

What was the name of the show Mia did a pilot for?

  • "Raven McCoy"
  • "Fox Force Five"
  • "$5 Milkshake"

What song do Mia and Vincent dance to?

  • "You Never Can Tell"
  • "Misirlou"
  • "The Twist"

What does Mia find in Vincent's jacket?

  • a porn magazine
  • his gun
  • his heroin

What cereal is Lance eating when Vincent calls him for help with Mia's overdose?

  • Count Chocula
  • Fruit Brute
  • Fruity Pebbles

Where did Butch's father die?

  • in a boxing ring
  • during a bank robbery
  • in a prisoner-of-war camp in Vietnam

How many wars did the Coolidge watch survive?

  • two
  • three
  • four

How does Butch's boxing match end?

  • Butch kills his opponent in the ring.
  • Butch throws the match as planned.
  • Butch gets sick and is unable to fight.

What brand of cigarettes does everyone smoke?

  • Pall Mall
  • Red Apple
  • Morley

Why does Butch have to go back to his apartment?

  • He left his plane tickets there.
  • Fabienne forgot the watch.
  • He's confused after his fight and goes there in a daze.

How does Butch realize Vincent is in his apartment?

  • He finds Vincent's gun on the kitchen counter.
  • He hears Vincent using the toilet.
  • He hears Vincent singing a Doobie Brothers song.

What book is Vincent reading in the bathroom?

  • "Salem's Lot"
  • "Modesty Blaise"
  • "The Big Sleep"

Where is Butch when he sees Marsellus?

  • on the balcony of his hotel
  • buying a gun at a pawn shop
  • waiting at a stoplight

What does Butch use to kill Maynard, the pawn shop owner?

  • a pistol
  • a chainsaw
  • a katana

What are Marsellus' conditions for forgiving Butch's failure to throw the fight?

  • that he never mention the rape and leave Los Angeles forever
  • that Butch pay him $10,000 and give him the keys to Vincent's car
  • that Butch give him the gold watch and leave Los Angeles forever

How many times does the kid in the bathroom hit Jules and Vincent when he jumps out and fires his gun at them?

  • none
  • once
  • twice

Who is Jimmie primarily worried about with regard to the dead body in his garage?

  • his wife, Bonnie
  • the Wolf
  • Marsellus Wallace

What's on the T-shirt Vincent ends up wearing?

  • a marijuana leaf
  • the University of California, Santa Cruz Banana Slugs
  • "I'm with Stupid."

What does Jules intend to do after he delivers the case to Wallace?

  • walk the earth
  • make a move against Wallace
  • shave his head

What's in the case?

  • $75 million in gold bars
  • It's never made clear.
  • the Lost Ark of the Covenant