Miracle Cure or Medical Disaster: The Quackery Quiz
by Staff
Unscrupulous schemers are quick to take advantage of someone suffering from a major malady. Take our quackery quiz to see how much you know about charlatans and crazy cures both past and present.

Dietician Johanna Brandt claimed to have cured her own stomach cancer in 1925 using this miracle food.

  • grapes
  • fish
  • raspberries

In a 1970 paper, Dr. Linus Pauling touted the benefits of ingesting large quantities of this substance.

  • iron
  • milk
  • vitamin C

George Washington was subjected to this bizarre treatment, which likely hastened his death.

  • lobotomy
  • phrenology
  • bloodletting

What conditions are magnets proven effective at treating?

  • arthritis
  • tremors
  • none

Apitherapy treatments rely on products from this animal to treat disease.

  • honeybees
  • cows
  • jellyfish

How many U.S. adults rely on homeopathy to treat disease each year?

  • 40000
  • 400000
  • 4 million

In 1998, Dr. Andrew Wakefield gained followers when he claimed to have found a link between autism and this.

  • vegetables
  • vitamins
  • vaccines

Rattlesnake King Clark Stanley got rich selling his patented "snake oil." What did his product really contain?

  • mineral oil
  • fish oil
  • olive oil

How many people visit the alternative-health website each month?

  • 20000
  • 200000
  • 2000000

Which TV doctor faced a Senate subcommittee in 2014 and was grilled about false advertising for weight loss products?

  • Dr. Phil
  • Dr. Northrup
  • Dr. Oz

When did Congress pass the Pure Food and Drug Act?

  • 1806
  • 1856
  • 1906

Fletcherizing was a favorite treatment of physician John Harvey Kellogg. What did this treatment involve?

  • excessive chewing of food
  • radioactivity
  • electric shocks

How do practitioners of chelation therapy promise to treat cancer?

  • with magnets
  • with acai berry
  • with chemical injection

Popular in the 1920s and 1930s, what did the Revigator promise to do?

  • restart a stopped heart
  • reverse signs of aging
  • add radioactivity to water

Which of the following is the acai berry proven effective for?

  • anti-aging
  • weight loss
  • neither

Where did Wilhelm Reich claim to have discovered his miracle cure -- a form of energy known as orgone?

  • in the night sky
  • in the ocean
  • in a pot of beef stew

What was Dr. John Brinkley famous for at the start of the 20th century?

  • electroshock therapy
  • lobotomies
  • goat glands

Which of the following is used as part of the Gerson therapy for treating cancer?

  • coffee enemas
  • sensory deprivation
  • electroshock

What did Marjorie Phillips of Brockton, Massachusetts, claim was the cause of AIDS?

  • flatworms
  • lack of exercise
  • aliens

What ingredient features heavily in a serum marketed as the "Greek Cancer Cure"?

  • olive oil
  • brown sugar
  • grapes