The Ultimate Quartz Kitchen Countertops Quiz
by Staff
There are many options for today's kitchen counters. One substance that is growing in popularity as a countertop is quartz. But is it a wise choice? Take this quiz to see what you know about quartz countertops.

What room becomes a focal point at most dinner or cocktail parties?

  • kitchen
  • living room
  • entrance hall

How much did the average American kitchen renovation cost in 2006?

  • about $20,000
  • 33000
  • over $54,000

On average, how much return on investment do most mid-range kitchen renovations deliver?

  • 66 percent
  • 91 percent
  • 121 percent

Why is changing countertops one of the most dramatic ways you can upgrade your kitchen's look?

  • They are the most visible feature.
  • They get the most direct usage.
  • They feature the most variety in options and colors.

When did quartz countertops first hit the market?

  • the mid 1980s
  • the early 1990s
  • around 2003

Why is quartz a good substance to use for countertops?

  • It is inexpensive and plentiful.
  • It is durable and stain-proof.
  • It is healthier and renewable.

What are Silestone and Zodiaq?

  • brands of quartz countertops
  • two substances that are major competitors for quartz countertops
  • colorants that are added to the mix when quartz countertops are made

What is the price range for quartz countertops?

  • $42-66 per square foot
  • $55-72 per square foot
  • $74-99 per square foot

Why might you want a quartz countertop instead of a granite one, which costs about the same and is more standard in kitchens?

  • Quartz is harder.
  • Quartz is more porous.
  • Quartz is more readily available.

What are the benefits of quartz countertops' nonporous nature?

  • They are stain-proof and more resistant to microbial growth.
  • They prevent food spoilage and are flame retardant.
  • They are easier to clean and high in Radon.