The Ultimate Radon Quiz
by Staff
Many people have heard of radon and know it can be dangerous if it is found in their homes. Fewer people, however, know what radon is and where it comes from. Take this quiz to learn more about radon, what its risks are, and how you can test your home for it.

What is radon?

  • a radioactive gas
  • a poisonous gas
  • an acidic liquid vapor

What beneficial home improvement can ironically also lead to increased danger from radon?

  • insulation
  • solar power
  • air purification

What health problem has been associated with radon inhalation?

  • emphysema
  • brain damage
  • lung cancer

How many stages are there in the decay of uranium-238 until it becomes radon-222?

  • three
  • five
  • nine

What is the half-life of a radon-222 atom?

  • 3.825 days
  • 1,590 years
  • 83,000 years

After it goes through more stages of decay, what stable substance does radon-222 eventually turn into?

  • lead-206
  • bismuth-214
  • thalium-210

From where does radon usually enter a house?

  • the ground under the house
  • the air blowing through the house
  • the water running through the house's pipes

What does radon smell like?

  • It has a slightly sweet smell, like rotting flowers.
  • It has a mild gasoline-like smell.
  • It has no smell.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), how should homeowners test their homes for radon?

  • They recommend only using a professional service.
  • They recommend testing either with a home test kit or a professional service.
  • There is no effective test yet.

How do most passive radon test devices work?

  • by storing radon (or other "daughter" atoms) until a lab can test for them
  • by including a chemical that changes color when coming into contact with radon
  • by electronically testing from radon in the air at a given moment

What material is used in an electret ion detector for radon?

  • Teflon
  • plastic
  • charcoal

Which type of passive radon detection device is typically not available from hardware stores?

  • charcoal
  • alpha track
  • electret ion

What is the major benefit of active radon testers?

  • they measure radon continuously
  • they are more reliable
  • they are less expensive

What is the main method of treating a home with high levels of radon gas?

  • actively ventilating between the ground and the house's living area
  • removing uranium from the ground beneath the house
  • counteracting the radon with another gas that bonds with the atoms

When does inhaled radon do most of its potential damage?

  • in the first hour after it breaks down
  • during the first 6 months after inhalation
  • not until a few years have passed