Quiz: How many miles does a ranch truck usually go?
by Staff
Ranch trucks often travel long distances each day while hauling heavy cargo, livestock and more. How knowledgeable are you when it comes to understanding ranch truck mileage? Take this quiz and find out!

How many miles do ranch trucks typically drive each day?

  • less than 25 miles per day
  • less than 50 miles per day
  • hundreds of miles per day

What could cause ranch trucks to get fewer miles per gallon than city trucks?

  • Ranch trucks typically experience lower gas mileage than everyday trucks because they are often hauling heavy cargo.
  • Ranch trucks typically experience lower gas mileage than everyday trucks because they are driving long distances.
  • all of the above

Which of the following items needs to be replaced frequently on a ranch truck due to the heavy mileage they accumulate?

  • tires
  • gears
  • all of the above

What's a common name for a dual-wheel pickup truck that often accumulates heavy mileage on a ranch?

  • dualie
  • dual-dog
  • dual cargo

Heavy mileage combined with punishing off-road conditions are particularly rough on a ranch truck's what?

  • suspension system
  • grille
  • transmission

Which of the following symptoms is a sign that your ranch truck's suspension system might be failing?

  • loss of control when braking
  • loss of control when turning
  • all of the above

Aside from heavy mileage, what else does a ranch truck engine accumulate while driving?

  • debris
  • oil
  • transmission fluid

Is there any way to avoid decreased gas mileage when towing with a ranch truck?

  • yes
  • no
  • maybe

Regardless of the type of vehicle, gas mileage drops in direct proportion to what when towing?

  • how much weight you're pulling
  • how much distance you're driving
  • all of the above

Aside from weight, what is another factor that affects a ranch truck's gas mileage?

  • drag
  • density
  • velocity