Money MIA: Recovering Lost Savings Bonds
by Staff
Over $16 billion of unclaimed savings bonds lies in the Treasury's coffers. What do you know about finding lost bonds?

How much does the United States Treasury hold in unclaimed savings bonds?

  • $16 billion
  • $45 million
  • $10 million

When were U.S. savings bonds first introduced?

  • during the Revolutionary War
  • 1935
  • 1982

What was an early nickname for U.S. savings bonds?

  • pretty bonds
  • baby bonds
  • posh bonds

About how many families bought U.S. savings bonds during World War II?

  • a million
  • 845,000
  • tens of millions

What does an average successful hunt for unclaimed bonds yield?

  • $120
  • $350
  • $1,000

What is the largest amount of unclaimed bonds belonging to a single owner?

  • $15,000 dollars' worth
  • $100,000 dollars' worth
  • $2.5 million dollars' worth

What's one thing that is NOT a U.S. savings bond feature?

  • You can buy them for someone else.
  • You can sell them to someone else.
  • You can cash them anytime after 12 months.

What are the two most common types of savings bonds available in 2011?

  • Series EE and I Bonds
  • railroad bonds
  • mining bonds

What is the penalty for redeeming sales bonds before five years?

  • You are charged $98.
  • There is no penalty.
  • You are penalized three months of interest.

What does a private bond fund?

  • private mortgages
  • All bonds are public.
  • Private bonds raise capital for a company to expand.

Do private bonds offer ownership in a company?

  • yes
  • only if you ask for a higher interest rate
  • no

What is a bond comparable to?

  • using coupons
  • giving the government a loan
  • paying taxes

What is an undeliverable bond?

  • a fake bond
  • one that has been returned to the government because its owner cannot be found
  • a bond that has not been sold

What does it mean when a bond has matured?

  • It's not worth anything.
  • It doesn't laugh at dirty jokes.
  • The bond has reached its time limit and has stopped gaining interest.

What is a likely scenario for a person to have an unclaimed bond?

  • You just forgot you had one.
  • Your grandma bought one for you when you were born.
  • Both are correct.

What bonds can you look up on Treasury Hunt?

  • private bonds
  • all savings bonds
  • mature or undeliverable bonds.

What will no longer be sold after Jan. 1, 2012?

  • savings bonds
  • paper savings bonds
  • private savings bonds

What improvements will all-electronic bonds bring?

  • It will save the U.S. government money and lessen the number of unclaimed bonds.
  • They're less time-consuming.
  • They come with better service.

What is a common savings bond fraud?

  • buying railroad bonds to fund transportation projects
  • signing your name to another person's bond and saying it's yours
  • You can't forge or do any sort of scam when it comes to U.S. savings bonds.

What's a great way to keep track of your bonds?

  • the Savings Bond Magical Thinking
  • the Savings Bond Fairy
  • the Savings Bond Wizard