The Ultimate Redfish Fishing Techniques Quiz
by Staff
Redfish are known by a variety of names: spot tail, puppy drum, channel bass and bull red. When you go fishing for them, there are a number of tips that will help you succeed. Take a few minutes before you load your bait and take this quiz to learn more about redfish fishing techniques.

Why are redfish called by this name?

  • because they are scarlet red
  • because of their copper-colored bodies
  • because they originate from the Red Sea

Where on their bodies do redfish have black spots?

  • on their fins
  • near their eyes
  • just before their tail fin

Why are redfish regarded as tropical saltwater fish regardless of their habitat?

  • because of their jaw structure
  • because of the shape of their fins
  • because of the length of their bodies

The heavier the redfish, the more _____ its flesh.

  • strong tasting and coarse
  • translucent and smooth
  • flaky and dense

How much can a trophy fish weigh?

  • up to 70 pounds (31 kilograms)
  • up to 80 pounds (36 kilograms)
  • up to 90 pounds (40 kilograms)

It is said that redfish can live up to 45 or 50 years. Is this true?

  • No, they live way beyond that, till about 60 years.
  • No, they don't live anywhere near that long.
  • Yes, they can definitely live this long.

When fishing for redfish, it's important to know what they eat. What is their favorite food?

  • sardines or baby trout
  • finger mullet, shrimp or crab
  • lobster or crayfish

What accounts for the redfish's rapid growth?

  • its high rates of food consumption
  • the size of the waters it inhabits
  • its unusual fertility cycle

Where can you get mantis shrimp?

  • from any large supermarket
  • from commercial shrimp trawlers
  • from online shrimp dealers

Why shouldn't you use cut bait when diving birds are around?

  • because it will frighten them away
  • because they'll go for the fish you're trying to catch
  • because the fish will stay hiding in the reeds

If you use a lure to catch redfish, what crucial component is needed?

  • a scent
  • a longer fishing rod
  • a tiny bell

What is the advantage of wading over using a boat when fishing?

  • Wading means that you really feel the fishing experience with your body.
  • Most fish gather close to the shore, where you wade, rather than out where your boat is.
  • Wading is less obtrusive.

During what months do schools of redfish congregate outside Mississippi's barrier islands?

  • March and April
  • August and September
  • October and November

How do they spread the word around when a school is spotted?

  • by means of CB radio
  • by means of texting
  • by means of VHF radio

Where is the Redfish Bay State Scientific Area?

  • in Texas, USA
  • in the Caribbean
  • in the Bermuda Triangle

If you are trolling for redfish, you'll need:

  • some dry tackle
  • some heavy-duty tackle
  • some soft tackle

Which of these would make a good artificial lure?

  • jigs
  • gold spoons
  • both of the above

What is the name given to redfish weighing less than 15 pounds (6.8 kilograms)?

  • channel bass
  • puppy drum
  • bull red

Along the Atlantic coast, what influences the redfish's behavior?

  • the weather
  • the tides
  • the season

When do redfish migrate to Virginia Beach?

  • in April
  • in June
  • in August