The Ultimate Reducing Home Energy Use With Soy Quiz
by Staff
The humble soybean may be tons more versatile than you might think. It can be the base for a wide range of products, from fuel to food, insulation to ink. Considering how green conscious the world is getting, its energy-saving properties are marvelous, too. Take this quiz to learn about the amazing uses of soybeans.

In 2002, Americans used 25 million gallons of soy-based diesel fuel. How much did they use five years later?

  • approximately 5 times that amount
  • about 10 times that amount
  • almost 20 times that amount

What makes soy a preferred fuel source?

  • It is renewable and sustainable.
  • It is readily available worldwide.
  • It requires little manpower to produce.

If soy is used for building materials, will it attract bugs and rodents?

  • Yes, unless pesticides are used.
  • No, it will lose its food value.
  • No, but it will attract microscopic mites.

Which of these could be soy-based products?

  • ink and insulation
  • carpet backing and animal feed
  • both of the above

Under what food classification does soy fall?

  • It's a fruit.
  • It's a vegetable.
  • It's a legume.

What is a downside of fiberglass insulation batts?

  • They're not economical.
  • They make you itch when you touch them during installation.
  • You need a professional to install them.

What are the properties of blown-in foam insulation?

  • It repels creatures and insects.
  • It is blown in as a gas.
  • It expands and solidifies into a rigid material.

What does soy-based foam use as a blowing agent?

  • water
  • urea formaldehyde
  • compressed air

The two types of soy-based insulation, open cell and closed cell, have different costs. Which is the cheaper one?

  • it depends on the country you live in
  • closed cell
  • open cell

What are the two factors necessary for the success of soybean farmers?

  • experience and skill
  • a good harvest and increasing demand
  • healthy competition and a dose of good luck