Sub or Hoagie? Regional Foods Quiz
by Staff
Depending on where you are in the United States, you might have a hard time ordering some of your favorite foods. Here's a quiz that will test your knowledge of some regional food names.

If you're in the South, you'd call a long sandwich with all the trimmings a sub. If you lived in New Jersey, you might call it what?

  • slider
  • "Garden Stater"
  • hoagie

When ordering a soda in the Midwest, you'd probably ask for a pop -- true or false?

  • TRUE

The "Krystal Burger" of the South is known as what in the Northern states?

  • slider
  • mini-burger
  • the "Sammy Davis"

In Southern states, pancakes are often referred to as what?

  • flatjacks
  • sweet biscuits
  • flapjacks

Southerners love their cornbread, even though someone from Rhode Island might call it what?

  • corny cake
  • Johnny cake
  • crumble bread

This mushy dessert cake was called Indian pudding by Native Americans, but something else by New Englanders.

  • savage pudding
  • hasty pudding
  • blood pudding

People in some parts of the world might call this spoon-dipped fruit dessert a Pandowdy. It's really just another name for what?

  • cobbler
  • tapioca pudding
  • banana pudding

This specialized roast beef sandwich is called what in Buffalo, N. Y.?

  • cow topper
  • stacked beef chip
  • beef weck

A steak sandwich in Philadelphia is called what?

  • cheesesteak
  • steak-um
  • loinwich

The Pennsylvania Dutch call their version of coffee cake what?

  • Amish delight
  • morning cake
  • shoo-fly pie