The Ultimate Relaxation Quiz
by Staff
What's the point of worrying? From learning relaxation techniques to discovering some strange ways to destress, it's time to chill, bro, and take a load off with this relaxation quiz.

So let's talk about what destressing does to your body. What's one lesser-known physical reaction to relaxation?

  • Blood flow increases to muscles.
  • Your pupils dilate.
  • Your blood pressure soars.

Relaxation techniques can include:

  • visualization, breath control, meditation
  • exercise, listening to music, massage
  • all those things and more

Why would tensing muscles progressively help a person relax?

  • increases lactic acid
  • increases awareness of physical sensations
  • releases hormones

Visualization usually involves:

  • mentally imagining a calm scenario
  • using your senses to create feelings of calm
  • both

What is autogenic training?

  • using drugs to relax
  • training your body to relax to words or cues
  • training your body to respond to peaceful music

What's one difference between transcendental meditation (TM) and mindful meditation?

  • You have to be certified to practice TM.
  • Mindful meditation is better for you.
  • TM usually involves repeating a mantra while meditating.

What is an element of qigong?

  • karate
  • posture and balance
  • Buddhism

What is the basis of tai chi?

  • martial arts
  • dancing
  • meditation

Yoga is often used for exercise, but includes what meditative philosophy?

  • to find inner peace
  • to control your temper
  • to focus on the moment

Emotional Freedom Technique is promoted as "psychological acupressure" which can relieve stress, among a whole host of other ailments. What does it physically entail?

  • weeping openly
  • wearing tinfoil hats
  • tapping on parts of your body with your fingers

What does ASMR stand for?

  • A Seriously Mesmerizing Relaxation
  • Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response
  • A Short Massage Reflex

But what IS ASMR?

  • A therapy technique that focuses on your head and feet.
  • Sounds or movements that cause relaxation or even "tingles."
  • aromatherapy

What is ganbanyoku?

  • bathing
  • sunbathing
  • laying on hot stones to relax

What is cupping?

  • Cups are put on the skin with suction.
  • having someone cup your face in their hands for relaxation
  • eating a cup of coconut oil to relieve stress

Gently pouring a liquid over the forehead is a relaxation technique in what therapy?

  • Freudian
  • Ayurveda
  • Cognitive Behavioral

So-called Chinese stress balls — designed to relax the hand and even the mind — are traditionally called what?

  • medicine balls
  • baoding balls
  • ring a ding balls

Want to sleep better? Try this Japanese product:

  • Ambien gummy bears
  • milk fortified with melatonin from well-rested cows
  • chocolate with small doses of crushed opioids

Want to stay rested, but not subject your face to the cruel cool air? Try this:

  • a head tent that covers your head from the neck up
  • a face mask
  • a blanket

What's another real-life stress-busting product that you can actually buy for a mere $167?

  • Bubble wrap. $167 worth of bubble wrap.
  • a bed that smells like lavender
  • a human-shaped pillow that "communicates" with hugs

What is inhaled when you use the Relaxtick to wind down?

  • nicotine
  • chocolate
  • vitamins

A spa in Israel offers a massage from what unlikely masseuse?

  • an octopus
  • a rat
  • a bunch of snakes

Maybe buying a product to use or even getting a facial is too much work for relaxation. Try this easy-peasy path to relaxation:

  • sitting in a salt cave
  • watching Netflix
  • staring at the ceiling

A 2001 study followed 48 people with high blood pressure and high stress jobs. What lowered their blood pressure?

  • washing their pillowcases once a week
  • eating chips between meals
  • adopting a dog or cat

What can Germans take advantage of to lower stress levels?

  • lots of beer
  • a hotline they can call to yell, scream and curse without judgment
  • a language that sounds aggressive

Eating complex carbs might actually relax you by:

  • boosting serotonin
  • keeping you warm
  • making you chew rhythmically

Simple carbs:

  • don't release serotonin
  • release more serotonin
  • release serotonin that doesn't last as long

What vitamin has been shown to lower hormonal stress levels?

  • vitamin K
  • vitamin D
  • vitamin C

People who drank what beverage four times a day for six weeks were found to have lower levels of cortisol than those who drank a placebo?

  • black tea
  • coffee
  • kombucha

Calcium has been shown to help with symptoms of:

  • cancer
  • PMS
  • general crabbiness

If you want a calm, anxiety-relieving stone to wear, you might choose:

  • red calcite
  • red Jasper
  • lepidolite