The Ultimate Removing Kitchen Odors Quiz
by Staff
Everyone likes the smell of a nice dinner cooking. The problem is that kitchen odors aren't always nice ones. Food and germs stick to utensils and become smelly. Take this quiz to learn some tips for keeping your kitchen smelling clean and fresh.

What is the first step in eliminating kitchen odors?

  • Spray air freshener.
  • Find the source of the odor.
  • Wipe down your counters.

What sort of foods in the refrigerator should you throw out?

  • foods over the use by date
  • any leftovers more than one day old
  • food that is approaching its use by date

Use a sponge with _____ on it to wipe down the refrigerator.

  • refrigerator cleaner
  • bleach
  • baking soda

Which parts of the refrigerator should you be especially careful to clean?

  • parts that grow mildew
  • parts that are exposed to liquids
  • the fruit compartment

How can you stop your garbage bin from smelling?

  • Change the bag once a week.
  • Line the bin with two garbage bags.
  • Place lemon peels at the bottom.

Cooking fish can create a bad odor. How can you prevent this?

  • Keep the fish covered.
  • Only cook salmon.
  • Leave a dish of bleach on the counter.

What should you do with the bleach when you have finished cooking the fish?

  • Pour it into the garbage.
  • Pour it down the kitchen sink.
  • Pour it into the garden.

How can you remove odors from plastic containers?

  • Leave a piece of newspaper in the container.
  • Leave a lemon in the container.
  • Place bleach in the container.

Why does wood absorb odors so easily?

  • because it is a natural material
  • because it is porous
  • because germs like the taste of wood

How can you deodorize your wooden utensils?

  • Rub a lemon on them.
  • Soak them in eucalyptus oil.
  • Replace them when they get smelly.