The Ultimate Removing Stains from Clothing Quiz
by Staff
The next time you have a spill, try these quick tips for removing stains from clothing. You may be surprised by how sandwich bread can be used for removing stains. Take this quiz to see how.

What stains are considered tough to remove?

  • blood
  • wine
  • both answers

For the toughest stains, what may be an effective spot remover?

  • soap and water
  • club soda
  • vinegar

What is a powerful homemade stain remover?

  • lemon juice mixed with cream of tartar
  • vinegar mixed with baking soda
  • salt dissolved in water

Where can you purchase cream of tartar?

  • baking aisle
  • grocery store
  • both answers

How can you remove grass stains?

  • toothbrush
  • toothpaste
  • both answers

What kind of toothpaste is effective to remove grass stains?

  • white
  • gel
  • orange flavored

When should you treat blood stains with 3 percent hydrogen peroxide?

  • as soon as possible
  • within one day
  • with seven days

Where can you purchase 3 percent hydrogen peroxide?

  • first-aid section
  • baking aisle
  • butcher shop

What may be used to pre-treat collars?

  • shampoo
  • hair conditioner
  • nail polish remover

What kind of shampoo works best as a pre-treatment for collar stains?

  • hotel shampoo
  • generic shampoo
  • both answers

Got lipstick on your collar? What sandwich ingredient may wipe away the evidence?

  • pickles
  • salami
  • soft bread

What kitchen condiment may be used to absorb grease stains from clothing?

  • cornstarch
  • flour
  • sugar

What may cause stains on your pillowcase?

  • sweat
  • body oils
  • both answers

On pillowcases, how should you pre-treat sweat and body oil stains?

  • shampoo
  • vinegar
  • bleach

Rubbing alcohol may remove _______ stains.

  • lipstick
  • wine
  • ink

Ink may be removed from fabric using rubbing alcohol and what other old-fashioned remedy?

  • milk
  • vinegar
  • baking powder

To remove wine stains with salt, what should you do after applying the salt to the wine stain?

  • soak in cold water
  • launder as usual
  • both answers

Tea stains may be removed with a lot of:

  • sugar
  • lemon
  • mint

To dissolve sugar into water, what should you do?

  • cool the water
  • warm the water
  • neither answer

Which stain tip involves cream of tartar and a fabric pouch?

  • red wine stain
  • blood stain
  • tea stain