Quiz: Could you make Minor Repairs to Major Appliances?
by Staff
Major appliances are a big part or our everyday lives. Take this quiz to see how much you know about making some minor repairs to your major appliances.

What should you read before taking apart a major appliance?

  • the back panel of the appliance
  • the owner's manual
  • the warranty

What is the first step in fixing a major appliance?

  • Disconnect it from electrical, gas and water lines.
  • Make sure the power to the appliance is on.
  • Have a fire extinguisher nearby.

What is the most common cause of appliance failure?

  • bad service
  • faulty replacement parts
  • lack of power

In the U.S., major appliances work on which circuit voltage range?

  • 110 to 120 volts
  • 220 to 240 volts
  • 440 to 480 volts

Which type of appliance must be plugged into a grounded outlet?

  • appliances with grounding wire
  • appliances that use water
  • air conditioners

In which component of a major appliance is a problem most likely to occur?

  • timing device
  • mechanical/power device
  • both of the above

What's the best way to diagnose a problem with your appliance?

  • Read the instruction manual.
  • Test the components one at a time.
  • Call a repair center and describe the problem.

What's usually the best way to deal with a broken appliance part?

  • Fix it.
  • Replace it.
  • Recycle it.

Where can you buy reliable replacement parts for your major appliances?

  • dollar store
  • online
  • department store

Which device instantly shuts off a circuit when an electric current leak occurs?

  • power strip
  • motor cutoff switch
  • ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFI or GFCI)

Which appliances can be considered shockproof?

  • power tools
  • kitchen appliances
  • none

How should you test frayed or worn electric plugs and cords?

  • with a continuity tester
  • with an electric probe
  • with a grounding wire

What is the function of any appliance gasket?

  • to prevent spills
  • to prevent shocks
  • to prevent water and air leaks

How many common types of appliance gaskets are there?

  • two
  • four
  • six

How many different switches are there in electrical appliances?

  • two
  • three
  • several

How do you reattach wires when installing any new component in your appliance?

  • Attach it the same way as before.
  • Attach it the opposite way as before.
  • It doesn't make any difference.

In what direction does current travel through an appliance?

  • in a loop
  • in one direction
  • back and forth

What's the purpose of an appliance thermostat?

  • It cools the appliance.
  • It heats the appliance.
  • It regulates temperature.

How do solenoids keep an appliance running smoothly?

  • They operate switches and valves automatically.
  • They operate the thermostat.
  • They operate the motor.

How can you prolong the life of your major appliance's motor?

  • Replace the appliance's large parts regularly.
  • Replace the power cord regularly.
  • Clean and lubricate it regularly.