Quiz: Could you Repair your Refrigerator?
by Staff
Repairing a refrigerator may be simpler than you thought. Take this quiz to see how much you know about repairing a refrigerator.

Where in a fridge is the refrigerant liquid cooled?

  • condenser
  • evaporator
  • compressor

What does "frost free" refer to in a refrigerator or freezer?

  • keeping ice cream soft
  • preventing food from getting freezer burn
  • removing frost from inside the unit

Why can a capacitor be dangerous?

  • It can store electricity.
  • It can make your refrigerator likely to tip over.
  • It can get very hot.

Where would you usually find the motor of a refrigerator?

  • the bottom section of the unit
  • the middle section of the unit
  • the top section of the unit

What is a refrigerator gasket usually made of?

  • metal
  • rubber
  • plastic

What can you use to test whether your gasket is creating a good seal?

  • plastic bag
  • dollar bill
  • screwdriver

How should you prepare a replacement gasket before putting it on your refrigerator?

  • Put it inside the refrigerator for 24 hours.
  • Heat it with a hair dryer and stretch it out.
  • Leave it in the same room as the fridge for 24 hours.

If the door won't seal because of a hinge problem, what is the simplest approach to fixing it?

  • adjusting the fridge level
  • tightening the door hinges
  • loosening the door hinges

What can you use to keep the door from sagging?

  • shim
  • duct tape
  • spacers

How is the refrigerator light activated?

  • a motion sensor outside the door
  • a motion sensor inside the door
  • a switch in the door

What tool is used to test whether the light switch is working?

  • jumper cables
  • batteries
  • volt/ohm meter (VOM)

The limit switch is associated with what refrigerator function?

  • compressor
  • frost-free feature
  • evaporator

If the blades of the refrigerator fan become bent, what should you do?

  • Try to straighten them.
  • Buy a new fan.
  • Call a professional.

What is a likely cause of the compressor not running?

  • not enough gas inside
  • refrigerator door left open
  • faulty defrost timer

When testing the function of the condenser fan, what should the volt/ohm meter (VOM) read?

  • zero
  • 50 to 200 ohms
  • more than 200 ohms

What should you use to clean the drain ports?

  • wire
  • toothpick
  • pencil

What can be the problem with having a rubber drain hose?

  • It can crack.
  • It doesn't conduct electricity.
  • It can become moldy.

If there is water on the floor next to your refrigerator, what is the likely problem?

  • The water line to the automatic ice maker is broken.
  • The drain pan may be tipped or broken.
  • You spilled a glass of water next to the refrigerator.

What is usually the cause of an automatic ice maker malfunction?

  • The water line is broken.
  • The water isn't getting cold enough to freeze.
  • The strainer is blocked.

What sort of smell does refrigerator coolant have?

  • acrid
  • floral
  • metallic