The Ultimate Repair or Replace Your Car Quiz
by Staff
Is your car starting to show signs of its age? Have you been weighing whether to repair it again or thinking about trading it in for a newer, better model? Take our quiz and learn how to decide when is the best time to trade in your car.

The cost of car insurance is usually less for _____ car.

  • an older
  • a newer
  • a pricier

Holding on to your older car makes good _____ sense.

  • common
  • financial
  • professional

A _____ vehicle will perform better and last longer than one that's been neglected.

  • clean
  • shiny
  • well-maintained

Being able to perform your own car repairs is a good reason to _____ your older car.

  • keep
  • junk
  • sell

You may need a new, more reliable car if you use your vehicle for:

  • carpool
  • work
  • weekend excursions

Since cars symbolize wealth, in addition to being a means of transportation, cars can also be a:

  • status symbol
  • temporary home
  • love nest

Which added monthly expense might you take on when you buy a newer car?

  • car payment
  • parking
  • car wash

How can you be sure you're not buying another clunker when you buy a used car?

  • Make sure the body looks good.
  • Ask your friend to take a look at it.
  • Get a vehicle history report.

What's the best way to get the best price when selling a used car?

  • Let a friend sell it for you.
  • Sell it yourself.
  • Let a dealer sell it for you.

What is an important point to remember when selling your car?

  • Value is in the eye of the beholder.
  • How well it has served you over the years.
  • The faster you get rid of it, the less likely it is to break down again.