The Ultimate Repairing a Doorbell Quiz
by Staff
Doorbell broken? Missing its cheerful chime? Well, take our quiz and get step-by-step guidance on how to repair it yourself.

What is most likely broken when your doorbell stops working?

  • the transformer
  • the bell
  • the button, bell or transformer

On how many volts does a doorbell operate on?

  • 10 to 18
  • 100 to 120
  • 120 to 180

On what parts of the doorbell can you work on without turning off the power?

  • the transformer
  • the bell and button
  • the button and transformer

After you pull the doorbell button off your wall and detach the wires, how can you tell if the button is the problem?

  • Press the button.
  • Put the bare ends of the wire together.
  • Examine the wires.

What type of switch is a doorbell button?

  • three-way
  • closed
  • single-pole

How should your first try to remove a doorbell cover?

  • Pull as hard as you can.
  • Lift it up slightly and then pull it out.
  • Pull it straight out without lifting it up.

How many wires are there in a standard bell?

  • two
  • three
  • four

What can be used to test the wires inside the doorbell?

  • a 12-volt bell or car lamp
  • an 18-volt bell or car lamp
  • a 20-volt bell

What does it mean if the testing item does not respond when you push the doorbell button?

  • The testing device is probably broken.
  • The problem is in the transformer.
  • The bell needs to be replaced.

When you are fixing a doorbell, when should you tag the internal wires with masking tape?

  • if you have two or more wires
  • if you have three or more wires
  • if you have four or more wires

When fixing a doorbell, what process do you use to work out which part of the mechanism is causing the problem?

  • deduction
  • process of elimination
  • induction

Where can you find a transformer's voltage and wattage information?

  • on the package
  • stamped on the transformer
  • on a plastic tag attached to the transformer

What should you use to connect a transformer to the circuit wires of your electrical system?

  • crimp on connectors or wire nuts
  • snap spade terminals
  • parallel splices

If the transformer or power circuit are working, then what is malfunctioning?

  • the chime box
  • the electric system outside your house
  • the bell wiring

If there are no loose screws or wire joints in a bell circuit, how can you further test the bell's wiring?

  • Check each segment of the circuit with a continuity tester.
  • Check each segment of the circuit with a terminal ohmmeter.
  • Check each segment of the circuit with a circuit analyzer.