The Ultimate Repairing a Leaky Roof Quiz
by Staff
What, it's raining indoors? Yes, the roof is leaking and your floor is fast becoming a swimming pool. When roofs leak, it is usually caused by localized damaged that you can fix yourself, if you take our quiz and follow our instructions and safety precautions carefully!

What is the easiest roof to repair?

  • a shingle roof
  • a flat roof
  • a wooden shake roof

If you cannot find any damage, what should you do?

  • Get off the roof quickly; it means the problem is underneath the shingles and the roof is unstable.
  • Call a professional roofer.
  • Search again; your probably missed it.

In cold weather, how should you straighten out a curled roof shingle?

  • You should use gloves, because they will be ice cold.
  • There is no difference between cold and warm weather, just uncurl it with your fingers.
  • You need to soften it first because the cold will make it very brittle.

What do you reattach a curled roof shingle with?

  • roof cement
  • specialized glue
  • nails

How can you tell if a shingle is rotten?

  • It will usually have a rotten, mildew like odor.
  • There will be visible signs of deterioration, as well as discoloration and mold spores.
  • Any shingle that lifts off the roof with no effort is rotten.

How can you make it easier to slide a new shingle into place?

  • Use the claw side of a hammer to push it into place.
  • Round its back corners with a utility knife.
  • Wipe the area liberally with lubricant.

What type of roof nails do you need to reattach a roof shingle?

  • 6d galvanized roofing nails
  • hot dipped galvanized roofing nails
  • 3d galvanized roofing nails

How should you apply cement to chimney flashing?

  • in small dollops
  • sparingly
  • liberally

What weather conditions are best for fixing roofs?

  • a sunny day
  • a cooler day
  • wet weather

On flat roofs, where do leaks usually occur?

  • in the corners
  • at low spots
  • at the roof edges

What are flat roofs made of?

  • aluminum sheeting
  • ceramic tiles
  • roofing felt

What kind of nozzle does your propane torch need to have?

  • a one inch (2.5cm) nozzle
  • a flame spreading nozzle
  • a two inch nozzle

What is the most important thing to do when repairing a blister?

  • Make sure to exercise caution with the utility knife; roof felt is very slippery.
  • Make sure to thoroughly soak up any water.
  • Make sure to cut all the way through to the bottom most layer of roofing felt.

Why shouldn't you pry out the nails on a damaged shake?

  • The nails are most likely rusty and will just disintegrate over time.
  • It isn't worth the effort, it's quite difficult.
  • Shakes aren't flexible like shingles.

What is another area of the roof where there could be leaking?

  • open roof valleys
  • guttering
  • the pipes that run through the roofing

What are roof valleys usually made of?

  • terracotta tile
  • aluminum or copper
  • shingles, shakes or roof felt, depending on the type of roof you have

What is metal flashing used for?

  • to seal out water
  • to provide a base for roof shingles or shakes
  • to help prevent tile deterioration

How often should you inspect flashing?

  • annually
  • monthly
  • quarterly

What should you use to patch up damaged flashing?

  • slag lime cement
  • cement mortar
  • grout

What is an ideal gutter-cleaning tool?

  • an industrial vacuum cleaner
  • a plastic scoop
  • a rake