The Ultimate Replacing an Incandescent Light Quiz
by Staff
Finally bought that exquisitely elegant light fixture you've been pining for? And probably blown the budget, so there's not much left for an electrician. Never fear -- take our quiz and learn how to change a light fixture yourself!

What's the first step when fiddling with anything electrical?

  • Read the instructions first.
  • Wear shoes in case of electric shocks.
  • Trip the circuit breaker.

What should you do if you cannot see any removable screws on the lighting fixture?

  • Call an electrician.
  • Look out for decorative features that may be functioning as fasteners.
  • Use gentle force to pry it off.

What should you do if the lamp fixture wires and the circuit wires are held together with tape?

  • Cut the wires close to the tape.
  • Pick off the tape.
  • Call an electrician.

What should you do if the wire coming out of the electric box is brittle or frayed?

  • Have them professionally rewired.
  • Cover them with electrical tape
  • Be extra careful of electric shocks.

When installing a light fixture in a standard electrical box, how should you match up the line wires to the light fixture wires?

  • black to white, yellow to red
  • black to white, white to black
  • black to black, white to white

How much bare copper wire do you need to twist the wires together?

  • 1/4 inch
  • 1/2 inch
  • 3/4 inch

How long should the mounting screws in a light fixture be?

  • one inch
  • two inches
  • two to two and half inches

How many times should you tighten the mounting screws?

  • two or three times
  • four or five times
  • five or six times

What happens if the mounting screws are overtightened?

  • They will be difficult to remove.
  • The fixture will be misaligned.
  • The keyholes will not fit over the screws.

What is another way light fixtures can be mounted?

  • Via screws and holes drilled into the ceiling.
  • Using heavy duty hanging wire.
  • Using a short piece of threaded pipe.