The Ultimate Replacing a Wall Switch Quiz
by Staff
Cloaked in darkness? Changing the light bulb didn't help? Then it's probably the wall switch that's faulty and needs replacement. Take this quiz to find out how to go about it.

If a wall switch cover does not come off easily, what is probably stopping it?

  • screws
  • clasps
  • paint

If a wall switch does not have terminal conductors, how should you attach the wires?

  • There will be small holes; push the wires into these.
  • Use clasps to hold the wires in place.
  • Glue the wires in with electrical glue.

If you are able to turn a light off at two different locations, what type of switch are you dealing with?

  • a single pole type
  • a two ways switch
  • a three way switch

If wires or insulation are brittle or frayed, what should you do?

  • Cover the ends with electrical tape.
  • Have them professionally rewired.
  • Be extra careful of electric shocks.

How can you check that wires have caught properly?

  • Tug on them.
  • Turn off and on the light to test it.
  • The wall switch will not attach properly if they are not.

How should the tabs from the switch's mounting brackets lie?

  • flat
  • at right angles
  • perpendicular to the wall

What is the most popular type of switch?

  • single pole toggle switch
  • lever action switch
  • dimmer switch

What is the most important safety precaution to take?

  • Read the manufacturer's instructions very carefully.
  • Turn the circuit breaker off.
  • Wear shoes in case of electric shock.

Where can you find mounting screws?

  • You must by them separately in the hardware.
  • You'll most likely have them in your toolbox.
  • They will be provided with the new switch.

What should you do with non-insulated wire?

  • Make sure it fits neatly behind the switch cover.
  • Clip it off.
  • Tape it with electrical tape.