The Ultimate Responsible Fishing Quiz
by Staff
Fish is a vital food item and a basis of the livelihood of millions of people globally. As the demand for fish has increased, it has become very important that fisheries are managed in a responsible way. Responsible fishing includes handling your catch with care and leaving the fishing area in good condition. Take our quiz to learn more about responsible fishing practices.

Which of the following causes rapid depletion of fish populations worldwide?

  • recreational fishing
  • responsible fishing
  • commercial fishing

What is the percentage of recreational fishing in global fish crises?

  • 18 percent
  • 12 percent
  • 6 percent

More than ______ bass die each year due to improper handling in the US state of Massachusetts alone.

  • 50,00,000
  • 500000
  • 50000

Why is responsible fishing important?

  • to conserve fish
  • to conserve water
  • to conserve nature

What is the source of food for crustaceans like lobsters and crabs?

  • fish species
  • aquatic vegetation
  • sunlight

Where should you avoid fishing in a boat?

  • shallow regions
  • deep regions
  • coastal regions

Fishing sinkers are usually made of toxic:

  • iron
  • copper
  • lead

What is the potential risk to fish of littering?

  • choking
  • digestive problems
  • respiratory problems

Which of the following makes fishing spots polluted?

  • fishing gear
  • garbage
  • fishing lines

Which of the following contamination is most common in fish?

  • mercury
  • heavy metals
  • polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs)

Non-native and invasive species cost the United States more than _______ each year.

  • $100 billion
  • $200 billion
  • $300 billion

Why is it advised to always rinse off your gear before leaving the fishing site?

  • to introduce non-native plants or animals to the next site
  • to prevent the transfer of foreign organisms to the next site
  • to alter the species composition

Why do you need to drain all the water from your boat before leaving the fishing site?

  • to prevent the transfer of non-native plants or animals to another site
  • to alter the species composition
  • to introduce non-natives to the next site

Why must unused baitfish not be dumped after fishing?

  • They may outcompete the native fish for resources.
  • They reduce the risk of transferring non-natives to the next site.
  • They increase fish fertilization.

Which species may outcompete native fish for living space?

  • ducks
  • various species of baitfish
  • turtles

Which of the following invasive species are not visible to the naked eye?

  • largemouth bass virus
  • green algae
  • Epulopiscium fishelsoni

Which fish should you catch and keep?

  • small fish
  • medium-sized fish
  • mature fish

Which device is used to safely hold a fish?

  • fishing gear
  • barbless hook
  • lead sinker

How should you handle a fish in a catch-and-release technique?

  • gently
  • strongly
  • with fishing gear

Which algae outcompete native fish for living space?

  • green algae
  • golden algae
  • blue-green algae