The Ultimate Resurfacing Kitchen Cabinets Quiz
by Staff
Are your kitchen cabinets outdated? Do you want an easy, quick and inexpensive way to give them a fresh look? Take our fun quiz and see if resurfacing your kitchen cabinets is the right design solution for you.

Your kitchen is a good candidate for cabinet resurfacing or refacing if:

  • You like the existing layout.
  • The cabinets are in good shape.
  • both of the above

What should be your first step when deciding whether to resurface your kitchen cabinets?

  • Research your options.
  • Rip out the cabinets.
  • Pick a color.

Which type of veneers are available for the end panels and frames of your kitchen when doing a cabinet refacing?

  • plywood
  • self-adhesive covering (SAC)
  • both of the above

When resurfacing your kitchen cabinets, _____ is the most important step before ordering materials.

  • measuring your cabinets
  • sanding your cabinets
  • priming your cabinets

What is tack cloth?

  • a cloth with tacks stuck in it
  • a sticky gauze
  • a cloth with a rough texture

When replacing cabinet hardware, it is simplest to buy hardware in the same:

  • size
  • style
  • color

Which type of cleaner is best for removing greasy buildup on your cabinets.

  • bleach
  • soap and water
  • trisodium phosphate (TSP)

What is the best way to remove lead paint from your kitchen cabinets?

  • Hire a professional.
  • Use a sander.
  • You can't remove lead paint.

Under which circumstances should you apply a coat of primer when painting cabinet surfaces?

  • if your cabinets are very dirty
  • if your cabinets have never been painted
  • if your cabinets are painted a light color

Which type of paint is easier to clean up?

  • latex paints
  • oil-based paints
  • light-colored paints