The Ultimate Rewiring a Lamp Quiz
by Staff
Fixing a broken lamp yourself is easy! It gets even easier when you take our quiz and get step by step instructions on exactly how to do it. Most hardware stores stock the necessary equipment, in a variety of colors and tones to match your décor.

What size zip cord is suitable for most lamps?

  • # 12
  • # 14
  • # 18

What is the general length of a lamp cord?

  • six feet
  • 10 feet
  • 12 feet

How can you figure out how much cord you will need to buy?

  • Measure the length of the cord and add half a foot.
  • Measure the length of the cord and add one foot.
  • Measure the length of the cord and add two feet.

When should you not use a screwdriver to pry the socket apart?

  • if you have not disconnected the lamp from the power
  • if you are planning to reuse the socket
  • if you are not wearing shoes

How far from the lamp's base should you cut off the old cord?

  • two inches
  • six inches
  • 12 inches

What should you cover the splice between the old and new conductor ends?

  • a strip of leftover insulation
  • electrical tape
  • a wire nut

How much insulation should you strip from the end of each conductor?

  • 1/4 inch
  • 1/2 inch
  • 3/4 inch

In what direction should you bend the ends of each wire?

  • right angles
  • clockwise
  • anti-clockwise

Where should all non-insulated wires be placed?

  • under the screw heads
  • in the terminal screw holes
  • on the underside of the lamp

What kind of plug should be installed at the other end of the cord?

  • a quick-clamp plug
  • Japanese plug
  • Type A