The Ultimate Rice Cooker Quiz
by Staff
For centuries rice has been a main staple of many diets. While rice can be prepared in a pot, rice cookers offer a convenient alternative to the traditional method. Not only are rice cookers easy to use, but they avoid the risks associated with human error. Take this quiz and find out what you know about this wonderful modern invention.

A common result of poorly cooked rice is which of the following descriptions?

  • a gooey paste
  • a very sweet flavor
  • a strong odor

In which of these regions is rice especially important to the diet?

  • the North Pole
  • Europe
  • Southeast Asia

In which country was the first rice cooker introduced?

  • France
  • The United States
  • Japan

What two things must one have in order to cook rice?

  • water and heat
  • salt and pepper
  • oil and vinegar

How many stages does rice go through when you cook it?

  • 1
  • 4
  • 7

Which of the following is a primary component of a rice cooker?

  • a sensing device
  • a transistor
  • a fuel injector

What is the function of the sensing device of a rice cooker?

  • to measure the rice
  • to purify the water
  • to gauge the heat

What is the boiling temperature of water?

  • 32 degrees Fahrenheit
  • 100 degrees Fahrenheit
  • 212 degrees Fahrenheit

What special component will you find in a rice cooker that uses fuzzy logic ?

  • an extra heating element
  • a computer chip
  • a steam plate

Which type of rice cooker is the most advanced?

  • induction heating rice cookers
  • fuzzy logic rice cookers
  • white rice cookers

From which of the following do most induction cookers get their heat?

  • an alternating electric current
  • the sun
  • fire

What is the name of the method that manipulates magnetic fields to produce heat?

  • hysteria
  • hysterical
  • hysteresis

How do induction cookers respond to human errors in measurement?

  • They shut down.
  • They adjust the heat.
  • They explode.

Which of the following has the smallest number of genes in its genetic map?

  • rice
  • wheat
  • millet

How does golden rice differ from regular rice?

  • It's made of gold.
  • It's easier to package.
  • It has more nutrients.

In what way does white rice differ from brown rice?

  • Brown rice has been polished more.
  • White rice has been polished more.
  • They are exactly the same -- other than the color.

Why should you wash rice before cooking it?

  • to remove the talc and excess starch
  • to make it prettier
  • to prevent it from spoiling

How will the rice come out if you don't wash off the excess starch before you cook it?

  • sweet
  • brown
  • sticky

What is the purpose of a steaming tray?

  • to help the water boil
  • to prepare vegetables
  • to wash the rice

What is less likely to occur if you use a rice cooker that has a steam vent?

  • the cooker spilling over
  • the rice burning
  • the rice being under cooked