The Ultimate Rifle Hunting Quiz
by Staff
Davy Crocket used his rifle for protection and to shoot something to eat. Today's hunters are out there in the woods shooting more for sportsmanship and to control animal populations. Take this quiz to learn more about rifle hunting.

What is rifling?

  • gun site
  • spiral grooves
  • gun handle

What does rifling indicate?

  • rifle
  • shotgun
  • musket

What is the purpose of rifling?

  • bullet spin
  • prevents bullet spin
  • neither answer

Why is bullet spin desirable?

  • improves range
  • improves accuracy
  • both answers

How are rifle classes determined?

  • action
  • size of ammunition
  • both answers

What is a type of rifle action?

  • pump
  • slide
  • rotate

What was a catalyst for the development of guns?

  • Chinese gunpowder
  • battle with American Indians
  • both answers

What was a problem for the first guns developed?

  • accuracy
  • difficult to clean
  • faulty triggers

How fast could early versions of the rifle be fired?

  • three rounds a minute
  • five rounds a minute
  • 10 rounds a minute

What country is credited with the invention of the integrated cartridge?

  • U.S.
  • France
  • Spain

In the North American frontier, what were rifles used for?

  • procure food
  • defense
  • both answers

When was the first assault rifle used?

  • World War I
  • World War II
  • Korean War

Modern-day hunting rifles use what action technology?

  • pump
  • bolt
  • lever

What has happened to the number of hunters during the last 40 years?

  • decreased
  • maintained
  • increased

What percent of Americans hunt today?

  • 2
  • 3
  • 20

What is considered an ethical kill with a rifle?

  • quick kill
  • cause great pain
  • poaching

What is considering killing an animal for a purpose?

  • animal population control
  • poaching
  • party hunting

If an hunter abides by the rules of fair play, when is it forbidden to shoot an animal?

  • hiding out at a watering hole
  • sitting duck
  • both answers

What bullet may cause less damage to an animal's pelt?

  • Barns solid 90 grain
  • 30 caliber 150 grain
  • neither answer

What bullet has greater weight retention?

  • bonded bullets with controlled-expansion
  • standard softpoint bullets
  • hollowpoint bullets