The Ultimate Roadside Architectural Wonders Quiz
by Staff
You've been driving for hours and you're exhausted. Suddenly, you see a giant duck, or perhaps you've come across a golden palace, or maybe it's the Eiffel Tower. No, you're not hallucinating! These are some of the many roadside architectural wonders you might come across while driving through the U.S.A. Take this quiz to learn more about these roadside wonders.

What is Solomon's Castle in Ona, Florida, mostly made from?

  • steel
  • recycled objects
  • newspapers

What was the asking price for Solomon's Castle when it went on the market?

  • $5 million
  • $10 million
  • $20 million

What influenced the design of the Georgia Guidestones, near Elberton, Georgia?

  • the biblical Tablets
  • the Stonehenge in Britain
  • Greek architecture

What does the Georgia Guidestone function as, besides a monument?

  • a clock
  • a radio tower
  • a guide for planes

What is inside the Tower of Pisa of Niles, Illinois?

  • a hotel
  • a museum
  • a water tank

Why was the Purple Martin House in Griggsville, Illinois, built?

  • to save the endangered species of Purple Martin
  • to combat a mosquito plague
  • to attract bird-watchers

How tall is the world's largest catsup bottle?

  • 90 feet
  • 150 feet
  • 170 feet

The people of Liberal, Kansas, dedicated Dorothy's House in 1981. In what year was the house built?

  • 1907
  • 1927
  • 1947

Lucy the Elephant of Margate, New Jersey, is an example of what type of architecture?

  • renaissance
  • zoomorphic
  • vernacular

Where was the Big Duck built?

  • Flanders
  • Riverhead
  • Riverside

How long is each side of Toronto's Cubes?

  • 12 feet
  • 24 feet
  • 36 feet

How many cities in the U.S. are names Paris?

  • two
  • six
  • 14

Which university donated the Eiffel Tower Replica to Tennessee?

  • Christian Brother's University
  • Belmont University
  • King College

How tall is the statue of the Greek goddess Athena that stands inside the Parthenon in Nashville?

  • 28 feet
  • 42 feet
  • 64 feet

What was the occupation of the person who thought up the idea of building a replica of Shakespeare's Globe Theatre in the heart of Texas?

  • architect
  • painter
  • teacher

Why does the Leaning Tower of Texas lean?

  • its legs were shortened on one side
  • the ground sunk in under two of the legs
  • the wind pushed it over

Why did Jefferson Davis McKissack build the Orange Show Monument?

  • His favorite fruit is the orange.
  • Orange pain was on sale.
  • His favorite color was orange.

Prabhupada's Palace of Gold was built for Srila Prabhupada. Which philosophy did Prabhupada spread?

  • Buddhism
  • Krishna
  • Islam

How long did it take to build Prabhupada's Palace of Gold?

  • two
  • five
  • seven

The House on the Rock is an architectural oddity. How many windows are there in the Infinity Room?

  • 264
  • 1264
  • 3264