Symbols and Secrets: Robert Langdon Books Quiz
by Staff
Despite its huge success, "The Da Vinci Code" was more than a one-hit wonder. In fact, it's just one in a series of books starring the brilliant Robert Langdon. Take our quiz to see how much you know about Dan Brown's thrilling series.

What was the first book Dan Brown released in the Robert Langdon series?

  • "The Da Vinci Code"
  • "Angels & Demons"
  • "Deception Point"

What mysterious group features prominently in "Angels & Demons"?

  • Priory of Sion
  • Freemasons
  • Illuminati

Who is Langdon's love interest in "Angels & Demons"?

  • Vittoria
  • Sophie
  • Katherine

Where is the canister of antimatter hidden in "Angels & Demons"?

  • the Louvre
  • Westminster Abbey
  • Vatican City

Where does Langdon finally get to visit during his quest in "Angels & Demons"?

  • Vatican Archives
  • Library of Congress
  • Roman Colosseum

Which of these symbols is used in the deaths of the four Preferiti?

  • cardinal directions
  • primordial elements
  • mathematical symbols

Where does the opening scene of "The Da Vinci Code" take place?

  • Florence, Italy
  • Paris
  • Washington

Who pulled the trigger in Sauniere's murder?

  • Sophie
  • Leigh Teabing
  • Silas

Who is the mysterious Teacher in "The Da Vinci Code"?

  • Robert Langdon
  • Jacques Sauniere
  • Leigh Teabing

What is the holy grail, according to "The Da Vinci Code"?

  • a tomb
  • a chalice
  • gold and jewels

Who is Langdon's love interesting "The Da Vinci Code"?

  • Katherine
  • Sophie
  • Sarah

What university does Langdon work for?

  • Yale University
  • University of Oxford
  • Harvard University

Where does Langdon believe the holy grail is buried?

  • Saint-Sulpice
  • Vatican City
  • the Louvre

According to "The Da Vinci Code," who sits next to Jesus in "The Last Supper"?

  • Lucifer
  • Mary Magdalene
  • John the Apostle

Where does "The Lost Symbol" take place?

  • New York City
  • Los Angeles
  • Washington

What group does Peter Solomon belong to?

  • Knights Templar
  • Freemasons
  • Opus Dei

What gruesome object does Langdon find on the floor of the Capitol rotunda?

  • severed hand
  • severed head
  • severed foot

What does Mal'akh want Langdon to find?

  • holy grail
  • proof of alien life
  • Mason's Pyramid

What does Mal'akh use to nearly kill Langdon?

  • sensory deprivation tank
  • gun
  • knife

What structure is actually the famed Mason's Pyramid?

  • White House
  • Washington Monument
  • Lincoln Memorial

Where does Langdon find himself at the start of "Inferno"?

  • Tokyo
  • Paris
  • Florence, Italy

What does Langdon find in his pocket after waking up at the hospital?

  • biohazard cylinder
  • papyrus scroll
  • mysterious key

What does Robert steal in "Inferno"?

  • Dante's death mask
  • "Mona Lisa"
  • "The Last Supper"

Who created a dangerous plague in "Inferno"?

  • Jonathan Ferris
  • Elizabeth Sinskey
  • Bertrand Zobrist

What group does Zobrist pay to protect the biohazard cylinder before it ends up in Langdon's hands?

  • the Consortium
  • the Illuminati
  • Priory of Sion

Where is Zobrist's plague hidden?

  • Paris
  • Istanbul
  • London

Who played Robert Langdon in the movie adaptation of Brown's books?

  • Nicholas Cage
  • Tom Hanks
  • Tim Allen

True or false: Brown always planned to end the Langdon series after just four books.

  • true
  • false

What piece of jewelry is Langdon never without?

  • his dad's old wedding ring
  • his Mickey Mouse watch
  • his Harvard ring

True or false: Langdon suffers from a serious case of claustrophobia.

  • true
  • false