The Ultimate Rock Climbing Quiz
by Staff
Rock climbing involves strength, control and finesse. There is an element of danger as well. If you are excited about scaling a vertical piece of stone, then take this quiz to learn more about rock climbing.

Which of these sports has similar aspects to rock climbing?

  • skydiving
  • pool polo
  • chess

What is the most common type of rock climbing?

  • sport climbing
  • traditional rock climbing
  • ice climbing

What type of rock climbing is safer, faster and less expensive than traditional climbing?

  • bouldering and buildering
  • free solo climbing
  • sport climbing

What type of rock climbing does not involve use of any rope?

  • free solo climbing
  • sport climbing
  • ice climbing

What type of rock climbing takes place inside buildings?

  • sport climbing
  • indoor climbing
  • free solo climbing

What type of rock climbing involves scaling a frozen waterfall or a glacier?

  • free solo climbing
  • sport climbing
  • ice climbing

What type of rock climbing involves climbing 25 feet (7.6 meters) or less?

  • bouldering
  • ice climbing
  • free solo climbing

Which body part does the most work in climbing?

  • fingers
  • legs
  • hands

What important role do arms and hands play in climbing?

  • Carrying other equipment.
  • Holding body weight.
  • Balancing and positioning.

What rating does rock climbing have among climbing routes?

  • class five
  • class three
  • class two

What level of rock climbing does beginner level fall under ?

  • 5.13 - 5.15
  • 5.0 - 5.4
  • 5.11 - 5.12

What is the easiest and safest way to get started in rock climbing?

  • Scale boulders.
  • Start climbing a local cliff.
  • Learn in a climbing gym.

What is the first thing you must learn to move up from beginner level?

  • Learn how to place protection and try out traditional climbing.
  • Learn how to buy the best climbing gear.
  • Learn how to find unexplored hills.

Which among these is not an essential item of rock climbing equipment?

  • climbing shoes
  • parka
  • harness

What do you call the climber who holds end of the rope when you are climbing in pairs?

  • timekeeper
  • lead climber
  • belayer

The maximum distance that the lead climber can fall is equal to _____ times the distance between the last bolt and his or her current position, plus the length of slack left in the line by the belayer, plus the stretch of the rope.

  • two
  • three
  • four

What is the maximum height the lead climber can climb using a rope?

  • About twice the length of the rope
  • About half the length of the rope.
  • About thrice the length of the rope

When does the lead climber switches roles and become the belayer?

  • Upon climbing to the top of the mountain.
  • Upon climbing to the first crevice on the mountain wall.
  • Upon climbing to the first ledge on the mountain wall.

What is it called when the lead climber and the second climber are together again?

  • They have completed the first pitch.
  • They have completed their climb.
  • They have completed climbing for the day.

What is an important role of the lead climber?

  • The lead climber is the first one to reach the summit.
  • The lead climber places protection into cracks as he/she climbs.
  • The lead climber carries a camera.