The Rocket Engines Quiz
by Staff
These machines have helped humankind blaze new trails to the heavens. How much do you know about rocket engines?

LOX/RP-1 engines use what sort of chemicals as their fuel?

  • liquid hydrogen and gasoline
  • solid gunpowder and liquid oxygen
  • liquid oxygen and kerosene

Newton's third law of motion says that for every action force there is an equal and opposite WHAT?

  • universal force
  • explosion
  • reaction

Alan Shepard was the first American in space. Which rocket got him there?

  • Titan
  • Redstone
  • Atlas

Rockets require what to fly through the air?

  • thrust
  • lift
  • wings

How are the chemicals in a solid rocket combined before ignition?

  • They are stored in separate tall cylinders inside the rocket's body.
  • They are blended and packed into the rocket before it launches.
  • Hoppers combine the powders during flight.

The Bell X-1A is best known for accomplishing which feat?

  • costing more than any rocket program in history
  • crashing near the White House
  • breaking the sound barrier

What type of rockets were the first created by humans?

  • chemical rockets
  • solid-fuel rockets
  • thermal rockets

In order to work properly, liquid rockets require propellant and what other chemical component?

  • thinner
  • oxidizer
  • cleanser

What is the primary ingredient in the rocket fuel called RP-1?

  • kerosene
  • liquid oxygen
  • liquid hydrogen

In which country were rockets invented?

  • Egypt
  • China
  • Germany

What is added to a turborocket to make it fly higher?

  • nitrous
  • aerosolized kerosene
  • more oxidizer

The three propellants used in a tripropellant rocket are usually hydrogen, hydrocarbon and what?

  • liquid hydrogen
  • RP-1
  • liquid oxygen

Which person first proposed that rockets could be used to explore space beyond Earth's atmosphere?

  • Robert Goddard
  • Konstantin Tsiolkovsky
  • William Leitch

At which speed does a ramjet have its best efficiency?

  • between Mach 4 and 6
  • between Mach 2 and 4
  • between Mach 1 and 2

In what year was the first liquid-propellant rocket engine tested?

  • 1898
  • 1926
  • 1944

What sort of liquid did Goddard use in his first rocket?

  • kerosene and hydrogen
  • nitroglycerin and oxygen
  • gasoline and liquid oxygen

Which rocket was the first to propel an American into orbit?

  • Atlas
  • Delta
  • Saturn

Which rocket-powered craft set the world record for the highest speed attained by a manned aircraft?

  • Heinkel He 176
  • X-15
  • Lippisch Ente

What was the maximum speed of the X-15?

  • 4,520 mph
  • 5,123 mph
  • 5,892 mph

Solid-fuel rockets can sit idle for years before being launched.

  • TRUE

What is one tremendous benefit of rocket engines over jet engines?

  • Rockets are less prone to breakage.
  • Rockets don't require air.
  • Rockets need less fuel.

What is a downside to using solid fuel in a rocket?

  • You can't halt their combustion.
  • They are rather dangerous.
  • They provide less power than other fuels.

What kind of rocket is only theoretical at this point?

  • gas core reactor rocket
  • fission sail
  • nuclear thermal rocket

Rocket exhaust is also called what?

  • working fluid
  • thrust event horizon
  • gaseous blowoff

Why do liquid rockets tend to be heavier than solid fuel rockets?

  • Liquids slosh around and cause weight issues.
  • Liquid fuel is heavier than solid fuel.
  • They have more parts.

What sort of fuel did NASA's space shuttles require?

  • thermal fuel
  • liquid fuel
  • solid fuel

Which rocket is the tallest and heaviest ever used for actual space operations?

  • Titan I
  • Delta 0100
  • Saturn V

What sort of fuel did the Saturn V use to make its trailblazing journeys?

  • liquid helium
  • liquid carbon
  • liquid oxygen

How many pounds of thrust could the Saturn V generate?

  • 1 million pounds
  • 5.2 million pounds
  • 7.6 million pounds

The Saturn V could generate 60 gigawatts of energy, which is about the peak energy demand of which country?

  • United Kingdom
  • Norway
  • Iceland