The Ultimate Room Air Conditioner Repair Quiz
by Staff
Maintain your room air conditioner to get maximum cooling during the hot, steamy months of summer. Understanding the operation of a room air conditioner will help you stay cool. Take this quiz to see how cool it can be to know how to repair a room air conditioner.

What may compromise a room air conditioner's performance?

  • manufacturer
  • dirt
  • clean filters

What room air conditioner components are sealed?

  • coils
  • compressor
  • both answers

What service options do you have with room air conditioners?

  • service at the repair shop
  • service at home
  • both answers

During the harsh winter months, what should you do with the room air conditioner?

  • Remove and store away.
  • Cover with plastic hold in place with duct tape.
  • both answers

How may you prevent shock when working on a room air conditioner?

  • unplugging
  • discharging the capacitor
  • both answers

How do you discharge the capacitor?

  • Check the owner's manual.
  • Leave it for a technician.
  • both answers

How often should you clean the filter of a room air conditioner?

  • at the beginning of the cooling season
  • monthly when using
  • both answers

How do you clean a filter?

  • Wash it with soapy water.
  • Thoroughly dry it.
  • both answers

How do you maintain a throwaway filter?

  • Replace only.
  • Clean with soapy water.
  • It does not need replacement.

What is a volt-ohmmeter ?

  • measures voltage
  • measures distance
  • measures sound

Using a volt-ohmmeter set to the RX1 scale, what meter reading indicates you need to replace the room air conditioner cord?

  • less than zero
  • zero
  • greater than zero

What should you use to clean the evaporator and condenser coils?

  • vacuum
  • brush
  • wet sponge

How often should the evaporator and condenser coils be cleaned?

  • at the start of the season
  • every month while in use
  • both answers

If the air conditioner is powered but the unit will not run, what may be the problem?

  • faulty switch
  • dirty filter
  • dirty coils

What is drained from the drain ports?

  • condensed water
  • water vapor
  • both answers

How can you test a thermostat?

  • Set to lowest temperature.
  • Check with a volt-ohmmeter.
  • both answers

How can you repair noisy fan blades?

  • cleaning fan blades
  • tightening fan blades
  • both answers

How do you lubricate a room air conditioner's fan?

  • several drops of 20-weight nondetergent motor oil in each port
  • several drops of all-purpose oil in each port
  • several drops of 30-weight nondetergent motor oil in each port

If water leaks from the air conditioner, what may be the cause?

  • clogged drain ports
  • rain water
  • water vapor

How do you clean clogged drain ports?

  • wire
  • small knife
  • both answers