The Ultimate 'Roseanne' Quiz
by Staff
The groundbreaking sitcom "Roseanne" ruled the airwaves in the late '80s and early '90s. How much do you know about Roseanne and her clan? Take this quiz to find out.

When did the first episode of "Roseanne" air?

  • 1986
  • 1987
  • 1988

How many seasons of "Roseanne" were there?

  • five
  • seven
  • nine

What's the surname of Roseanne's family?

  • Conner
  • Connors
  • O'Connor

Where do the Conners live?

  • Brumley, Missouri
  • Lanford, Illinois
  • Lakewood, Wisconsin

The season six episode "A Stash From the Past" was ranked No. 21 in a 1993 TV Guide list of the 100 best TV episodes ever. What happened in that episode?

  • Roseanne and Dan pull a Halloween prank.
  • Roseanne and Dan smoke pot.
  • Roseanne and Dan go to Las Vegas.

Which was the only character outside of the main Conner family (Roseanne, Dan, Becky, Darlene and D.J.) to appear in all nine seasons?

  • Jackie
  • Crystal
  • Beverly

Who appeared in more episodes as Becky: Lecy Goranson or Sarah Chalke?

  • Goranson
  • Chalke

Why did Goranson leave the show?

  • She went to college.
  • She didn't get along with Roseanne.
  • She was cast in a movie.

In how many episodes do Goranson and Chalke appear together?

  • none
  • one
  • two

At the start of the series, where does Roseanne work?

  • Wellman Plastics
  • Lanford Luncheonette
  • Lobo Lounge

Why isn't she working there anymore by the end of the first season?

  • She gets a better job at a school.
  • She's fired.
  • She leads a walkout.

Who does George Clooney play in the first season?

  • Becky's teacher
  • Roseanne's boss
  • Jackie's boyfriend

This future star also appeared on the show.

  • Ben Affleck
  • Brad Pitt
  • Leonardo DiCaprio

This is one job that Roseanne NEVER has in the course of the series.

  • teacher
  • telemarketer
  • secretary
  • cashier
  • writer
  • waitress

What career does Jackie decide on after she quits the factory?

  • police officer
  • teacher
  • librarian

Rumor has it that this word is uttered in every episode.

  • bike
  • corn
  • bathroom

What is one thing David NEVER calls Roseanne in the course of the series?

  • Roseanne
  • Mom
  • Mrs. Conner

What role did Roseanne's future husband, Tom Arnold, play?

  • Tom
  • Arnold
  • Arnie

Which of these characters does NOT have a surprise pregnancy over the course of the series?

  • Roseanne
  • Becky
  • Darlene
  • Jackie
  • Crystal

In seasons three and four, Roseanne and Dan run this kind of business.

  • diner
  • guitar shop
  • motorcycle repair shop

Which of the following did NOT appear as him or herself?

  • Bob Hope
  • Wayne Newton
  • Loretta Lynn
  • Jerry Springer
  • Hugh Hefner
  • Dolly Parton

Which business does Roseanne open with Jackie when their mother leaves them money?

  • a donut shop
  • a clothes store
  • a restaurant

In season seven, a T-shirt gets passed around among the characters through multiple episodes. What is on the shirt?

  • a kangaroo
  • a chicken
  • a lizard

What's Roseanne's costume in the show's first Halloween episode?

  • a man
  • a witch
  • a tiger

How much money does the Conner family win in the lottery?

  • $108 million
  • $180 million
  • $810 million

Roseanne and Dan name their surprise baby after this singer.

  • Ozzy Osbourne
  • Jerry Garcia
  • Frank Sinatra

Why did Roseanne boycott an episode of the show?

  • She was protesting the show's time slot.
  • She didn't like the script.
  • She was striking for more money.

How was the absence of Roseanne's character explained away?

  • She was sick in bed.
  • She was in the hospital.
  • She was visiting her parents.

How were the major plot and character twists of the final season explained?

  • It was all a dream.
  • It was all a novel written by Roseanne.
  • Roseanne had amnesia.

What is the actual fate of Dan?

  • He has a heart attack and dies.
  • He leaves Roseanne for Jackie.
  • He runs away and joins the circus.