Everyday Science: Rubber Quiz
by Staff
The unique elasticity and durability of rubber makes it ideal for scores of important uses. Although you may be familiar with the use of rubber, how much do you know about the history and processing of this special substance?

What people are thought to be the first to use rubber?

  • Mesoamericans
  • Asians
  • Romans

What is rubber produced from?

  • rubber trees
  • oil
  • both of the above

What famous inventor came up with vulcanization?

  • Louis Pasteur
  • Henry Ford
  • Charles Goodyear

Which of the following synthetic rubbers is commonly used in wet suits?

  • latex
  • neoprene
  • silicone

Which continent produces the most natural rubber today?

  • Asia
  • Africa
  • South America

About how much was the synthetic rubber industry worth in 2007?

  • $4.9 billion
  • $10.7 billion
  • $26.2 billion

Which rubber-processing method involves forcing the material through a small opening before vulcanizing and curing it?

  • extrusion
  • injection molding
  • compression molding

How long does it take for a rubber tree to grow before it's economical to harvest the sap?

  • two years
  • six years
  • 12 years

Which of the following is the best rubber-producing tree?

  • Landolphia owariensis
  • H. braziliensis
  • Castilla elastica

What's the most common use for rubber today?

  • erasers
  • protective gloves
  • tires