RV Towing Regulations Quiz
by Staff
Ready to hit the road with that RV? Not so fast -- insurance coverage may seem simple, but it varies from state to state. Weight and height regulations can leave you high and dry if you don't have all the facts straight.

RV insurance policies:

  • Cover very little
  • Are extremely expensive
  • Vary greatly between policies
  • All of the above

An old school bus that has been converted into an RV is referred to as a:

  • Schoolie
  • Converted RV
  • RV bus
  • All of the Above

Converting old buses into RVs is:

  • A popular trend
  • Extremely expensive
  • Illegal in most states
  • None of the above

What type of insurance allows you to extend your insurance coverage to treat your RV like your home?

  • Liability insurance
  • Auto insurance
  • Full-timers comprehensive personal liability insurance
  • Homeowners insurance

To qualify for full-timers comprehensive personal liability insurance, a person needs to live in their RV:

  • 150 days a year
  • 250 days a year
  • All year round
  • None of the above

RV insurance is required:

  • By some states
  • By all states
  • By no states
  • In Alabama and Mississippi only

RV towing laws impose regulations on:

  • The height of your RV
  • The weight of your RV
  • The speed you travel with your RV
  • All of the above

States determine the allowable RV towing weight by:

  • The federal bridge formula
  • Their own calculations
  • All of the above

RV Towing speed limits:

  • Vary from state to state
  • Never exceed 45 mph
  • Are always set at 55 mph
  • None of the above

RV towing regulations:

  • Vary by state
  • Are the same in all states
  • Are non-existent
  • None of the above