Ryan Gosling Rom-coms Quiz
by Staff
Ryan Gosling has taken turns in action-packed thrillers and gritty dramas, but he's most famous for his on-screen romances. Take our quiz to see how much you know about the laughs and loves of this Hollywood heartthrob.

What movie stars Gosling as Jacob Palmer?

  • "Half Nelson"
  • "Crazy, Stupid, Love"
  • "The Notebook"

Who rejects Jacob's advances in "Crazy, Stupid, Love"?

  • Emily
  • Josephine
  • Hannah

Whom does Jacob take under his wing in "Crazy, Stupid, Love"?

  • Cal
  • Steve
  • Bill

True or false: Gosling won a Golden Globe for "Crazy, Stupid, Love."

  • true
  • false

What year was "Lars and the Real Girl" released?

  • 2007
  • 2010
  • 2013

What is the name of Lars' love interest in "Lars and the Real Girl"?

  • Brandi
  • Bianca
  • Belinda

What disease is Bianca diagnosed with?

  • diabetes
  • low blood pressure
  • cancer

Where do Lars and Bianca kiss for the first time?

  • in the garage
  • at the mall
  • by the lake

Who forges a relationship with Lars after Bianca dies?

  • Megan
  • Mindy
  • Margo

Who plays the role of Margo in "Lars and the Real Girl"?

  • Kelli Garner
  • Emma Stone
  • Rachel McAdams

What is the name of Emma Stone's character in "Gangster Squad"?

  • Gwen
  • Grace
  • Allie

Whom does Gosling form a close friendship with in "Half Nelson"?

  • Danny
  • Debbie
  • Drey

What is the name of Gosling's character in "La La Land"?

  • Sam
  • Steven
  • Sebastian

What is Sebastian's profession in "La La Land"?

  • doctor
  • jazz musician
  • writer

Who is Gosling's love interest in "La La Land"?

  • Penny
  • Regina
  • Mia

Where is "La La Land" set?

  • New York
  • Los Angeles
  • London

True or false: "La La Land" is Gosling and Stone's third film together.

  • true
  • false

What year was "The Notebook" released?

  • 2000
  • 2002
  • 2004

What war is featured in "The Notebook"?

  • World War II
  • Vietnam
  • American Revolution

What is the name of Gosling's character in "The Notebook"?

  • Ryan
  • Noah
  • Ronald

What is the name of Allie's fiance?

  • Ron
  • Don
  • Lon

Which of Noah's friends is killed in the war?

  • Fin
  • Frank
  • Felix

What plantation do Noah and Allie dream of restoring together?

  • Windsor
  • Weston
  • Washington

Where do Allie and Noah kiss for the first time?

  • at her house
  • on a plane
  • on the lake

What does Noah do to convince Allie to choose him?

  • writes to her
  • kills her fiance
  • buys her an expensive ring

What does an aged Allie think Noah's name is?

  • Danny
  • Duke
  • Drake

Who wrote the novel that inspired "The Notebook"?

  • Danielle Steel
  • Nicholas Sparks
  • Mitch Albom

Who played the elderly Noah in "The Notebook"?

  • Anthony Hopkins
  • Clint Eastwood
  • James Garner

True or false: Gosling and McAdams didn't get along while filming "The Notebook."

  • true
  • false

How much did "The Notebook" gross?

  • $50 million
  • $115 million
  • $350 million