The Ultimate Saber-Tooth Cat Quiz
by Staff
The saber-tooth cat is really an intriguing mixture of carnivores. Take our quiz and learn about the distinctive features of a saber-tooth cat that made it strikingly similar to so many different animals.

What is a saber-tooth cat's scientific name?

  • smilodon fatalis
  • canine fatalis
  • smilodon canine

When did the saber-tooth cat become extinct?

  • about 5,000 years ago
  • about 10, 000 years ago
  • about three million years ago

How long could an adult saber-tooth cat's canine tooth extend to?

  • 4 inches (10 centimeters)
  • 5 inches (13 centimeters)
  • 7 inches (18 centimeters)

What was the rate of growth of an adolescent saber-tooth cat's canines?

  • two millimeters a month for 24 months
  • eight millimeters a month for 18 months
  • ten millimeters a month for 12 months

How wide could the saber-tooth cat open its mouth?

  • to 50 degrees
  • to 90 degrees
  • to 120 degrees

What was the average height of a saber-tooth cat?

  • one foot (300 centimeters)
  • two feet (600 centimeters)
  • three feet (one meter)

What was a saber-tooth cat's average weight?

  • 500 pounds (200 kilograms)
  • 750 pounds (300 kilograms)
  • 1,000 pounds (500 kilograms)

What body part was a saber-tooth cat missing, making it less agile than today's big cats?

  • a long tail
  • sharp claws
  • closed claws

What type of fur would a saber-tooth cat most likely have had?

  • the fur of a lion
  • the fur of a cheetah
  • the fur of a tiger

What did saber-tooth cat's prey most likely die of?

  • blood loss
  • a severed spinal cord
  • dehydration

What sound did the saber-tooth cat make?

  • It was silent.
  • It roared like a lion.
  • It meowed like a modern day cat.

In terms of their social behavior, what were saber-tooth cat's like?

  • They were solitary hunters.
  • They had some sort of social structure.
  • They roamed in packs.

Where were most saber-tooth cat fossils found?

  • in South Dakota
  • in Montana
  • in California

What caused the saber-tooth cat's extinction?

  • floods
  • starvation
  • volcanic eruptions

What was the oldest genus of saber-tooth cats?

  • Paramchairodus
  • Canineosidous
  • Moncarshus

What was the average length of a saber-tooth cat?

  • two feet (600 centimeters)
  • five feet, five inches (1.6 meters).
  • eight feet (2.4 meters)

Which genus of saber-tooth cats included humans as its prey?

  • Canineosidous
  • Moncarshus
  • Megantereon

What did a saber-tooth cat's canine teeth resemble?

  • bread knives
  • swords
  • curved knives

What are a walrus's canine teeth called?

  • tusks
  • sabers
  • ivories

What was the name of a mammal who lived at the time of the saber-tooth cat?

  • mastodons
  • firlions
  • moncarshus