The Ultimate Safe Household Cleansers Quiz
by Staff
Are your household cleansers safe? How can you know which one to choose? Though the answer to that question gets more complicated with each passing year, our informative quiz will provide you with some answers.

Which groups are trying to help you make safer choices about household cleansers?

  • consumer watchdog groups
  • government regulatory agencies
  • both of the above

What's the smart way to make good choices about household cleansers?

  • Rely on your instincts.
  • Wait for the government to give you answers.
  • Buy whatever you feel like.

For safety's sake, what should you do before using any household cleanser?

  • Check the consistency.
  • Check the color.
  • Check the label.

Which of the following combinations releases a toxic gas when mixed together?

  • bleach and ammonia
  • bleach and lemon juice
  • vinegar and ammonia

You should evaluate the _____ safety of your cleaning products, as well as their safety for your family.

  • practical
  • economic
  • environmental

If you think someone has been exposed to a toxic cleaning product or other dangerous substance, call the:

  • police
  • doctor
  • poison control hot line

Which United States government department maintains a website with information about the safety of consumer products?

  • U.S. Department of Agriculture
  • U.S. Department of Commerce
  • U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Never use household cleansers:

  • near food
  • in an unventilated area
  • both of the above

Store household cleansers in:

  • a locked cabinet
  • the bathroom
  • in the kitchen

Green or "natural" household cleansers are _____ safe to use.

  • always
  • sometimes
  • never