The Ultimate Safe Hunting Quiz
by Staff
Many people enjoy hunting for game and often the entire family gets involved in a hunt. Any time people use guns, crossbows or other hunting weapons the need for safety is of prime importance. Every hunter should complete weapons safety training. Take our quiz to learn more about hunting safely.

What attributes do you need to be a good hunter?

  • physically fit, skilled, and patient
  • focused, skilled, and patient
  • skilled, focused, and physically fit

If you're not careful, what kind of injuries can you sustain?

  • All hunting accidents are related to accidental discharge of a weapon.
  • Hunting injuries can come from gun accidents, unstable terrain, and encounters with dangerous animals.
  • Most hunting accidents are a result of someone else shooting a person they have mistaken as prey.

What is one thing that anyone should do before heading out on a hunting trip?

  • Go to a shooting range and get used to your gun by firing it several times.
  • Have your gun checked by a gunsmith before going hunting.
  • You should take a hunting safety course and be certified.

What is a requirement of any good hunting safety course, whether it's conducted in a classroom or online?

  • requires participation in a field day to test application of lessons learned
  • requires a shooting test with your weapon at a range of some kind
  • both of the above

What is the goal of the International Hunter Education Association’s online course in hunter safety?

  • to supplement a traditional hunter safety course
  • to send only safe hunters into the woods
  • to issue certification after successful completion of the course

What is a tree stand?

  • a dense stand of trees that a hunter can conceal themselves in while waiting for prey
  • a small platform located in a tree to allow a hunter an elevated view to hunt from
  • a small cabin built between two trees where you can seek shelter in an emergency

What is another advantage of a tree stand besides an elevated view?

  • a hunter can avoid leaving a strong ground scent
  • animals will never look for danger from up in a tree
  • it is easier to get a clean head shot from high above the ground

What is very important when you are using a tree stand?

  • You must be careful not to move enough to shake the surrounding foliage.
  • You must never stand up while you are on a tree stand.
  • You must always be aware of your position in relation to the edge of your platform.

What is one of the greatest dangers in using a tree stand?

  • getting onto the platform
  • getting off the platform
  • both of the above are equally dangerous

What should you always use on a tree stand?

  • You must always use common sense when on a tree stand.
  • You should always use fall restraints when on a tree stand.
  • You should always use a rope to tie yourself to the tree once you are settled on the tree stand.

What do you need to do when you use the proper restraints for a tree stand?

  • You must have a plan on how to safely lower yourself to the ground if you restraint catches a fall.
  • You must always wear your restraints from the time you begin your climb until you are back on the ground again.
  • both of the above

What should you do if possible every time you hunt?

  • Hunt with at least one companion.
  • Position yourself downwind of your prey.
  • Take a reliable compass.

What should you do any time you hunt alone?

  • Take a GPS unit along with you.
  • Tell someone where you are going.
  • Hunt only in an area of which you are familiar.

What should you keep in mind while you are out hunting?

  • Always assume that you are not the only hunter in the area.
  • Pick a safe place to test fire your weapon at the start of each trip.
  • Do not leave a trail of garbage behind you in your travels.

What clothing should be the color of hunter orange?

  • a vest
  • a hat
  • both of the above

In New York State, what percentage of hunters were not wearing blaze orange when they were accidently shot between 1989 and 1995?

  • 92 percent
  • 76 percent
  • 63 percent

How many of the 259 shooting accidents in which the hunter was not wearing hunter orange occurred because the shooter thought the victim was game?

  • 177
  • 153
  • 125

What should you carry with you any time you go hunting?

  • a bright flashlight
  • waterproof matches
  • flares

What should you do when you finally have a game animal in your sights?

  • Take a shot once you are sure you have your target lined up properly for a good clean kill.
  • Make sure you know your target is a game animal as well as what is between and behind your target.
  • both of the above

What safety principle does every hunter need to be fully aware of all the time?

  • Know and follow all gun safety practices unfailingly.
  • Always carry a map of the area where you are hunting and a reliable compass or GPS unit.
  • both of the above